Let us tell you a story.

A love story. It may take a few minutes.

A story about us: Naomi and Mark.

There was Naomi:

There was Mark:

Between us, we love book stores, Chet Baker, Led Zeppelin, The Princess Bride, Boggle, hummus, Mac n’ Cheese, seared tuna, bourbon, Twin Peaks, cooking, baking, East of Eden, a great red, and, of course, our guiltiest of pleasures, a plate of spicy wings. We just didn’t know it yet.

We met at a big Bay Street law firm. Yes [embarrassed look], we were both lawyers, but there was so much more to each of us than that.

look up look way up

We connected over novels, poetry, music, movies, photography, travelling, adventures, and big dreams. Dreams much bigger than those towers we worked in.

We fell in love one rainy night on the patio of the Boulevard Cafe, nestled together under an umbrella like conspirators.

Since that night, we’ve been lost in our adventure together. From travelling to the ends of the earth, to leaving Bay Street, to finding our way as photographers, to telling our couples’ stories. It has been quite the ride.

Our first escape together was Chicago, which we promptly declared ours.

Over the years, we’ve eaten and drank our way through Chi-town, Havana, NYC, D.C., San Antonio, San Fran, Paris, Buenos Aires, La Paz, Mendoza, Cafayate, Halifax, Vancouver, Sooke, Athens, Bridgetown, Venice, Vienna, and Terlingua (by the by, we dare you to try the armadillo).

We spent our first New Year’s Eve together looking at the stars in the Bolivian Andes. An empty lodge except for us, a few hotel staff, our guide, and some howling wolves. Mark maintains that it was a pack of El Chubacabra.

We drove the Pan-American highway from La Paz to Mendoza. Along the way Naomi bravely (?) agreed to get out and test the depth of the waterfall running over our cliff edge road.

We skipped the guide, rented an old Sidekick in Kigali and got lost in the small villages and the by-ways of backcountry Rwanda.

We searched for mountain gorillas in PNV and Bwindi. Our little adventure included a 9-hour hike through the Impenetrable Forest and a face-to-face encounter with Guhonda, the world’s largest primate, on Mount Sabyinyo.

We swam in the frigid waters of Antarctica where Mark ended up a hot chocolate with a shot of Baileys away from hypothermia (Note: These photos have been classified and will only be released in 2045).

We wondered about our place on Bay Street sitting with 700,000 of our closets penguin friends on a pebble beach in South Georgia.

We kayaked amongst towering icebergs, vicious leopard seals, and close enough to a humpback to make out the individual barnacles and feel the spray from its blowhole.

We camped on the Ndutu plains within meters of an all-night lion vs. hyena battle. The guides told us that we were safe – lions look at the tents like big boulders. We had also seen lions lounging on top of many a big boulders. You can imagine how that made us feel.

We spent one of the best days of our photographic careers taking pictures of the bravest cheetah mom and her FOUR troublesome cubs.

We learned that you can, in fact, live on bread and cheese while renting an apartment in Paris for a week.

We drove through blizzards and were stranded on the Trans-Canada for a day along the top of Lake Superior en route to Churchill, Manitoba.

We went nose-to-nose with Babs (Big Ass Bear) on Naomi’s birthday in Wapusk National Park. It was our impression that Babs believed Naomi to be the cake.

We wandered through at least a dozen Christmas Markets in Vienna. We now feel like experts on which markets serve the best gluten and kartoffelpluffers (we know it sounds made up, but it isn’t).

We have a home in Leslieville that we share with Sabine and Griffin (our kittens). Since moving in, we’ve devoted ourselves to finding our favourite places to go for drinks or dinner in our ‘hood.

Our story is important to us and so we understand how important your story is to you. It’s all of your history, adventures, and passions that make you who you each are and who you are together.

This is our story.

We hope you’ll let us tell yours.




  1. Andrew Bentley

    A great adventure in your life together, and an insight of the wee Canadian boy I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in either his youth or adult life ( need to rectify that soon ). Family are strange: weddings funerals or the occasional holiday, but we just get on with our separate lives and only hear now and then from parents or aunts and uncles. We are cousins on opposite sides of the world with different lives. Good luck in your future adventures and hope to meet up along the way either in Canada or even in sunny Scotland the choice is ours …… Andrew Bentley

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