Alex + Joel {Beaches’ Engagement Photography}

When we first met Alex and Joel, they had just bought their first house out in the Beaches. So, when it came time to decide where to shoot their engagement photos, we suggested Kew Beach. What better place to have a little fun on a warm summer’s night.

dance me ii

dance me i

Alex’s mom had made some props for her shower that Alex was happy to show off at the shoot.
A and J

A and J ii

Down on the beach, with the sunset providing the perfect light, it didn’t take Alex and Joel long to cuddle up and get comfortable in front of our cameras.

Intense look but oh so stunning, Alex!
on the beach i

on the beach ii

Pretty GQ yourself, Joel.
on the beach iii

on the beach iv

Gorgeous . . .
down by the bay

down by the bay ii

Now, where Alex and Joel really hit their strides was when we asked them to goof about. It’s so easy to see how much these two love each other and what a perfect match they are as they lifted, jumped, spun, and danced around on the beach.

up ii

playing on the beach i

playing on the beach ii

playing on the beach iii

that's a wrap ii

Can’t wait for your wedding this fall at Berkeley Events’ Airship 37, Alex and Joel!!


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