Alicia + David {Wedding Photography}

After Alicia and David’s engagement shoot and Alicia’s high-tea inspired bridal shower, we felt like part of the family. For us, this meant that on the wedding day, we could observe and document unobtrusively — family and friends went about their day, generously offering refreshment or to help from time to time, but mostly just being themselves, excited for Alicia and David.

We started the day off with Alicia and her bridesmaids, flower girls, mother and mother-in-law at the salon.

One of Alicia’s adorable flower girls looking on as hair and makeup were in the works.

After the finishing touches at the salon, Naomi headed over to Alicia’s parents’ house to shoot some of the details she had carefully selected.

This Tiffany bracelet was a surprise from David to Alicia on the morning of the wedding. David had asked Alicia’s mom to hold onto it and give to her as soon as she woke up. What a surprise!

Meanwhile, Mark headed over to David’s parents’ house where he was getting ready. The house was full of family photos — old and new.

It was time. Alicia put her dress and jewelry on with some help from mom and her bridesmaids.

Before long, Alicia and David were standing facing each other, declaring their vows.

From the church, before being whisked away to the Royalton for their reception, Alicia and David headed back to Alicia’s parents’ backyard for some quick photos. Alicia is typically super smiley, but she can also do a stunning smoldering look. Love these:

Not to bad yourself David!

We couldn’t have set this up better ourselves — we always love having friends and family looking on at the first dance.

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