Alisha + Eugene {Muskoka Wedding Photography}

We got up before the sun.  We had some trail to hike.  A lot of trail to hike.

landscape i

We had driven to Algonquin Provincial Park the day before the wedding to meet Alisha and Eugene at their ceremony site, on the banks of Tea Lake.  They picked a gorgeous location for their intimate wedding so the logistics were quickly squared away.  As you might imagine, Alisha and Eugene are outdoorsy people and were also very keen on incorporating the trails and forest into their day.  We love adventure, so we were only to happy to scout some off the beaten track vistas.

It was getting dark though, and there were bears about (really, there were warnings everywhere) so we decided to share a drink with Alisha and Eugene and start our search early the next morning.

signs i

Rising with the sun, with the mist sweeping across the lakes, we hiked across the park to check out the trails that Alisha and Eugene fell in love on.  Literally.  Eugene even proposed at the top of one of the trails (we’re suckers for adventure and romance).  The landscape was gorgeous, but we couldn’t wait to get back to Deerhurst to start our day with Alisha and Eugene.

landscape ii

signs ii

why were all here ii


Love, love, love Alisha’s shoe plan — so important to be practical when you’re actually going to hike during your wedding day.  Just wait, these hikers will feature prominently!to boldy go

Having spent a relaxing morning at the resort, Alisha was ready to head out to the banks of Tea Lake to say “I do”.  A few last minute touches and a helping hand from mom and we were off!prep

tea lake

Alisha and Eugene had chosen a small plateau right on the edge of the river with the jack pines as an altar. As Eugene waited on the banks of the river for Alisha to make her way through the forest to him, we couldn’t help but think: “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness” (John Muir).


landscape iii

a special kind of aisle

a special kind of aisle ii

We really can’t stop gushing over the location.  Stunning.

riverside ii

riverside iii

riverside iv

riverside v

riverside vi

Alisha and Eugene wrote their own vows.  Both Alisha and Eugene were overcome by emotion as they shared their love with each other, their friends, family, and the forest.

riverside vii

riverside viii

riverside ix


prayer circle

riverside kiss
making it official

When we first sat down to talk with Alisha and Eugene and heard about their plan for a trailhead wedding in Algonquin, the first thing that jumped to both of our minds was Tom Thompson’s iconic paintings of Algonquin and its ubiquitous jack pine.  How excited were we when we found a jack pine to act as a back drop for a few portraits?!

under the jack pine

the jack pine and moon

shoes and socks

Please note the change in footwear!!  Despite wearing her wedding dress, Alisha beat us all to the top of Lookout Point.into the woods

Once at the top of Lookout Point, we were shutter happy.  Look at this vista!birch portrait

rocks and leaves

up top

up top ii

up top iii

flowers lilly


On our way back to our cars, we walked through a pine grove.  We knew we had a to try something to accentuate the lines of the trees in the setting sun.pines i

pines ii

A few last pictures to show off Alisha’s boots . . . kicks

kicks ii

bottoms up

We wanted to try something different for Alisha and Eugene, something that really captured their love of the outdoors, and specifically, their love of Algonquin:  a double exposure of Alisha and Eugene using an image from the trail where they got engaged, Booth’s Rock.

something different

During our sunrise walk we had stuffed some colourful leaves in our pockets, knowing we wanted them as the backdrop for Alisha and Eugene’s rings… rings and leaves

Guys, we couldn’t be happier that you chose us to go on your adventure with you.  Hiking, riverbanks, bears, lookouts . . . it was an incredible day.  Congratulations again, we’re so happy for you!


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    These are soo beautiful! Can totally feel the love through these. What a blessed day! 🙂

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