Alisha + Eugene {Rustic Engagement Photography}

It’s been a busy summer. You know what makes everything seem to slow down? A little time down by the river at sunset.

line and rings

When we first met Alisha and Eugene, in the depths of winter, we spent a significant amount of time talking about their love of the great outdoors. In fact, Alisha and Eugene love the outdoors so much that they’re hosting their intimate wedding (attended only by immediate family and a few close friends) in Algonquin Park this fall. How great is that going to be?! The leaves, the lakes, the quiet!!

During our chat, we learned that Eugene is an avid fisher. So we knew we had to get these two on the water. Up for pretty much any adventure that could possibly come their way, Alisha and Eugene were in.

With Alisha set up in her camping chair, book in hand, and Eugene about cast, we saw the opportunity for a fun Ontario version of American Gothic.

fishing gothic ii

fishing gothic i

casting i

casting ii

casting iii

Wade out into the stream with your love. Hold them close. Cue the sunset. Trust us, this is where love lives.
in deep i


close ii

in deep ii

in deep iii

the bay i

the bay ii

the bay iii

the bay iv

on the water

the bay v

A brief break after changing into another perfectly fall outfit.
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Right back into the river for the last moments of a perfect afternoon.

one last shot

Algonquin National Park calls. We simply can’t wait for your wedding in just a couple short weeks!!

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