Alyssa + Devan {Doctor’s House Wedding Photography}

Alyssa and Devan wed this fall in a gorgeous military wedding at The Doctor’s House in Kleinburg. Although the weather foiled their plans of an outdoor ceremony, with Alyssa’s stellar planning, their indoor ceremony and portraits with small wardrobe tweaks were spectacular.

Hailing from the U.S. originally, Alyssa rented a large house close to the wedding venue for her and her out-of-town bridesmaids to hang out and get ready before the wedding. We started the day with Alyssa, her parents, and her bridesmaids there.

all together

white details

white details ii

Alyssa’s attention to detail was fantastic — customized hangers not only for her, but for her bridesmaids and mom.


faux fur backdrop

Just beaming. Such anticipation.


anticipation ii


Back in Toronto, at Alyssa and Devan’s house, the guys were getting ready. Devan, a military intelligence officer, opted to don his full regalia for the big day.

his stuff

his stuff ii

a different kind of detail

Some help from his brother with the finishing touches.

a few last flourishes

Behind the scenes…

vows and a morning love note

Alyssa and Devan exchanged cards the morning of the wedding. This was Alyssa’s reaction to reading the card from Devan before putting on her dress…

a moment to read it

a little help

fine details

a perfect smile



As we mentioned a little earlier, the weather didn’t exactly cooperate on Alyssa and Devan’s big day. In fact, by the time that Alyssa had put on her dress and jewelry it was hailing outside! Huge, cold, nasty hail stones, and then came the rain. Determined to get some photos of Alyssa in some soft, natural light, we headed out to a covered balcony for some portraits. Love the flowers and the wrap. Perfect (and necessary) for a brisk fall wedding.

flowers and fur

This is classic Alyssa — all smiles and laughs with her friends.
having fun

Absolutely gorgeous, Alyssa.

With the hail and rain, it was decided that the ceremony would have to be relocated from the outdoor space and the birch tree Chuppah would have to be reconstructed indoors pre-ceremony. This meant all hands on deck, including groomsmen and Alyssa’s dad. Although this was our first time photographing the operation of power tool use minutes before the ceremony, we must admit that everything turned out beautifully.


teamwork ii

the finished product

One of our favorite details from the day was Alyssa and Devan’s wedding program — a super funny and informative wedding survival guide.
get your program i

get your program ii

And, of course, because everything had been moved inside, the sun came out. It didn’t really matter though — nothing could keep the smile off Alyssa’s face as she walked with her dad towards Devan.
here she comes

face to face

a perfect light

a perfect happiness

a perfect light ii

a resting spot

at the front


One of our favorite traditions — the honour guard sword arch following the recession.
sealed again

honour guard

We love it when our couples prioritize photography on their wedding day. Alyssa and Devan certainly did this, allocating a good deal of time prior to and following the ceremony for photos. This allowed us to shoot in a number of locations on the grounds of the Doctor’s House and in Kleinburg and document a variety of looks — from the very proper (don’t some of these look like stills from Downton Abbey?!) to the very playful. It’s important to be you on your wedding day. And these two certainly let their personalities show.

through the trees

strong and soft

the captain and the missus

a perfect moment

soft and green

having fun

something classic

Alyssa planned for rain, acquiring Hunter rain boots for her and her bridesmaids so that photos wouldn’t be affected. We’re huge fans of Hunter’s generally (Naomi’s are red) and an even bigger fan of pairing them with fancy dress. Love.

the bridesmaids

and their boots

and their flowers


Of special note, Alyssa’s sister had another shoe change of her own in store. For those of you looking for a pair of these bedazzled Converse, we’re sorry, but we can’t really help. These are Valerie’s DIY custom pair.
alternative flats

A little more serious, but these guys certainly looked dapper.
the guys


the whole gang a long shot

Into Kleinburg with the full bridal party in tow, these were shot on the stairs of the old General Store. Awesome reflections of the blue, blue sky and fluffy white clouds.
location location location

location location location ii

Alysssa and Devan did a phenomenal job with all their details for the reception.

details i

details ii

details iii

cake i

cake ii

As a special surprise for their guests, Alyssa and Devan arranged for bottle dancers (straight from Fiddler On the Roof) to arrive midway through their reception. So talented.

fiddlers bottle dance i

fiddlers bottle dance ii

fiddlers bottle dance iii

fiddlers bottle dance iv

Perfectly choreographed first dance.

first dance

first dance ii

rings and wellies

rings and caps

Alyssa and Devan — thanks for choosing us to document your day and for prioritizing getting great photos, regardless of the weather conditions. We had an awesome time with you two!


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    Thank you so much for being so much fun to work with! You helped make the day great šŸ™‚

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