Aurelie + Ari + Elle {Gairloch Gardens Family Photography}

Just last weekend we had the chance to spend the morning with Aurelie, Ari and Elle (with a surprise guest appearance by Grandpa).

Perfect timing for catching the apple blossoms in full bloom.
under the blossoms

Have we ever mentioned how much we LOVE weeping willows?!
under the willow

The moment Elle caught sight of Grandpa, she was off like a rocket!
finding grandpa
finding grandpa ii
finding grandpa iii

Before you get to the next set we want to be clear: NO editing was done to these photos to either make Elle look so comfortable in the air, or, make Elle look so so so high. This was a clinic on toss and catch by Ari and Elle!
way up

With the calisthenic portion of the shoot behind us, we found a beautiful vantage to set up Aurelie and Elle to give them a few quiet moments to themselves. How perfect on the day before Mother’s Day.
mom and daughter ii
mom and daughter

We had found this tulip bed behind the Gairloch House while scouting and knew that we couldn’t let it go to waste. Elle was the perfect model.
through the tulips ii
through the tulips

One last one, Elle’s pure excitement was magical!
through the tulips iii

Thanks for including us in your morning walk. We had a ball trying to keep up with Elle!

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