From a tango club in Buenos Aries. We had asked the cab driver to take us to a milonga, not a show. It was quite a treat to sit and have a drink, listen to the live music and watch people out on a Saturday night for a dance.

Yes, the photo is blurry; we can explain. The blurry is a product of both the fact that it was unbelievable dark (how better to tango so closely – than in the dark), and, the feeling of the milonga itself, the way that everyone danced, the way the music played, the way the wine tasted, everything blended into each other . . . how else was I to take the photo? Then again, maybe I was just little tipsy.

We’ve promised that we’ll learn to tango before we go back. Given that we’re going back this coming January, we really need to get on it. Anyone know of a good place to learn the tango in Toronto?


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  3. Julie

    Love this photo! Totally agree with the reasons for the blurriness, all of them!

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