Bev + Jeff {Berkeley Field House Wedding Photography}

We’ve been itching to share Bev and Jeff’s wedding for awhile now. And if you can’t get enough of it, don’t worry, Berkeley Events is also going to share some more of our images from this fabulous day! At long last, without further ado, Bev and Jeff’s story…

Bev and Jeff are both into astronomy.  Not necessarily SciFi, but outer space, you know, stars, the sun, the moon and all that in-between. You’ll see that they share this love and built their day around this theme.

Bev and Jeff are also big travelers. Since we are too, it wasn’t surprising that while getting to know them over coffee and then again at their engagement shoot, we spent most of our time talking about adventure. Of course, this meant that we had to find a way to work in their globe and honeymoon guidebooks in. 

Because of the timing of their late afternoon ceremony Bev and Jeff decided to do a first look down at Cherry Beach.

You’re probably noticing by now just how giddy these two were with each other. Just being close resulted in the biggest smiles and spontaneous bursts of laughter.

Many couples exchange gifts on their wedding day. Often, gifts are opened early in the day, when the couple are separated from one another, spending time and getting ready with families and friends. Bev and Jeff went another route — which we loved — opening their gifts to one another together after their first look.

Bev and Jeff met years ago in school. They were friends and lab partners. Hearkening back to those early days, Jeff managed to find and have bound the lab first lab report that they did together.  Swoon!

Inspired by their shared love of astronomy, Bev found Jeff meteorite cuff links.

Because there are two of us, and because we’re confident in each others’ abilities, we can take chances. While one of us captures a more traditional shot, one of us can try something a little more creative. Here Naomi snuck behind the paper star backdrop to use Bev and Jeff’s decorations and families to frame their first kiss.

Cue that infectious smile!

In prepping for the wedding day, we knew we had to use Berkeley’s red wall right along Queen. And the TTC definitely had to be part of Bev and Jeff’s urban shoot!

We adore the colour of Berkeley’s tree house.  How whimsical!

Away from their guests and bridal party, with just us to document the moments before their ceremony, Bev and Jeff had no problem falling into each others’ arms for some more romantic photos.

As we mentioned earlier, the outer space theme (with some beautiful greenery to balance the blues) was not only personal, but absolutely gorgeous:

The Field House’s large white interior lets you bring your own personality to this great space.

Bev and Jeff had planned a choreographed first dance (a hot Latin number). We don’t want to point fingers, but somebody hurt their back by overdoing it a few weeks before the wedding. There were fears that the dance might have to be scrapped, but Jeff really gave it his all, and the dance went off without a hitch (oops, did we just give that away?).

We don’t usually post bouquet toss photos, but this was necessary. Check out the flower in the top right hand corner of the giant mirror. Bev tossed that bouquet like a hard fly ball to centre field.

Being in T.O, Bev’s bridesmaid settled under it just like Pillar would and made a great catch. A great catch.

So, we mentioned the astronomy or outer space theme a few times. It seems that when Bev and Jeff shared their wedding theme with others, many at first assumed the wedding would be Star Trek and Star Wars-themed. Embracing the misunderstanding, and to really get the dance party going, Bev and Jeff’s dads dressed up as Spock and Chewie. What great dads!

We also couldn’t pick just one ring photo. So, we picked two!

We had a great day with you two. We’re looking forward to sharing travel stories for years to come.  Thanks for trusting us with your day!

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