Bia + Taso {Unionville Wedding Photography}

You may remember Bia and Taso from their waterfall-extravaganza engagement shoot or the recent gorgeous cattail image we put up on Instagram.  For as many pictures as we may have shared so far, we wanted to share a few more, and we wanted to share a little about Bia and Taso.

These two are one of the cutest couple of all time, complete with what we only assume is their ability to read each other’s minds at a glance.  And boy oh boy, do they know how to steal each other’s glance; it’s like they have their own language.  It was amazing to be with Bia and Taso all day to see how their love for each other pervades every moment of the other’s life, how it creates a sense of happiness that made us tingle.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves here.  Let’s start back at the beginning . . .

dress i dress ii

What a gorgeous lace shrug, Bia.dress iii

prep i prep ii prep iii

Speaking of great taste, Taso was getting ready with some help from his sister who works for Vineyard Vines.  details ii prep vii prep viii

shoes details

prep iv prep v prep vi prep iix

It’s always a special moment to catch the little ones watching aunty get dressed up like the movies!
prep ix shoes ii

Love the cameo effect here.prep x

ceremony i ceremony ii

Even with everyone’s rapt attention on them, Bia and Taso still drifted away into their own world.ceremony iii

Constantly hunting for each other’s eyes.  How cute are these two?!

ceremony iv ceremony v

To be honest, not EVERYONE was paying such close attention to Bia and Taso.ceremony vi

Would it be possible to be happier? To smile more broadly?  These two are perfect for each other. ceremony vii colour ceremony viii

Off to Unionville, Bia was happy to climb up on top of stone to get us a magical feel for her portraits.portraits i

See, we told you, give them a moment alone and they’re off, together, giggling, smiling, loving.

portraits iii

portraits iv cattails

Absolutely stunning.portraits v

All day, all day long.  These two, together, always together and always into each other.portraits vi portraits vii

This mood didn’t change at all, from beginning to end.  Regardless of who was watching, or if EVERYONE was watching, Bia and Taso were always together in the truest sense of the word.

first dance


  1. Bia

    Thank you SO much for such WONDERFUL photos!!!! You two were absolutely amazing!! You both were able to see what words cant describe between Taso and I and capture them in images. THIS is something that makes people TALENTED and GREAT photographers! We saw this in ALL our pictures and they are breathtaking. Along with great pictures you both were a lot of fun and great to work with from day! Thank you for making it all fun and stress free!Thank you for everything!!
    Bia & Taso

    1. mark millar

      WOW Bia & Taso! Thank you so much for the incredible compliment! We had a great time getting to know you guys and we felt privileged to tell your story!

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