Bia + Tasos {Waterfall Engagement Photography}

Despite the fact that Bia and Tasos are getting married in a few short weeks, for the moment, they don’t live in the same city. With so little time together, every moment between them seems special. Add to that the romance of waterfalls and forest streams, and you have an absolutely epic engagement shoot.

forest cuddle i

Bia and Tasos both confessed to being a little nervous about their shoot. We comforted them by explaining that we’d find somewhere pretty and just let them be themselves. Once we stepped back and starting shooting, Bia and Tasos fell into each other — laughing and sharing secrets.


falls and logs

We dare you to tell us that these next few don’t make your heart melt…
waterfall cuddle i

waterfall cuddle iii

waterfall cuddle ii

A quick stop in a big grassy field before moving to the next waterfall location.

tall grass

long exposure i

waterfall cuddle iv

long exposure ii

Bia and Tasos — you guys were awesome! We can’t wait for your wedding!

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