July 2012


Elegant Wedding Magazine {Tear Sheet}

Our photos for Sweet Confectionery Cakes were featured in the latest issue of Elegant Wedding Magazine in a full page spread!

Elegant Wedding Magazine will also be blogging one of our styled shoots for Sweet Confectionery Cakes later this summer. Stay tuned!

on the bridge ii

Nav + Jen {Engagement Photography}

It’s that time of year again: peak wedding season. We’re shooting amazing couples every weekend (and a number of weeknights each week!) and have a ton of exciting projects on the go. There is so much to share in the next little while!

We’re super excited to post Nav and Jen’s engagement shoot (and even more excited to shoot their wedding next weekend at Auberge du Pommier!). Nav and Jen are fabulous. They’re comfortable in their own skin and know what they want. From the first time we met with them, even before they asked us to shoot their wedding, they, especially Jen, were clear — they didn’t want “typical wedding photography”. Gardens and flowers were not in the cards. Something urban, something gritty, something unique. We were in — if Nav and Jen chose us, we were definitely game. And thankfully, they did choose us. We’ve since gotten to know Nav and Jen better through coffees and, of course, their engagement shoot. Nav and Jen are a genuine couple, who are committed to each other, very much in love, and close to their families.

We met up with Nav and Jen for their engagement shoot at the Dark Horse Espresso Bar on Queen East. It was smokin’ hot outside so it was a quick (cold!) beverage before the shoot, which allowed Nav and Jen have a bit of reprieve before we took off on our adventure into the urban wilderness.

Once we’d all cooled off a bit, we took a wander down an alleyway. One of our recommendations for engagement shoots and the wedding day itself is that our couples bring a pair of shoes that they can walk around in between locations. Mark snapped this photo while Nav was helping Jen change back into her heels. Total gentleman.

Love the dress that Jen picked for the shoot!

A quick change into something more comfortable and we headed for a walk down the Don Valley:

The rusty bridge was an excellent setting to shoot . . . except for all the cyclists. Nav and Jen had to stealthily move out of the way every minute (or 30 seconds or so!) for oncoming bikes. They were great sports though. Ditto under the bridge, but it was worth it for the fun shots that we got.

Off the path in the Don Valley, down onto the beach, under the old train tracks for the first shot; back up the hill, through a hole cut in the fence, and up onto abandoned railway tracks for the second one (you ask for different, you get different):

Finally, a little love for the TTC. The only way this could be better is if Jen and Nav were in their wedding gear.

Can’t wait for next week, Nav and Jen. It’s going to be amazing!!

featured cathy and mike

Cathy + Mike {Engagement Photography}

Cathy and Mike’s engagement shoot had been scheduled for the Toronto Island a few weeks before. And it poured. Not just a little rain, the sky emptied itself. I think we were all a little disappointed at having to postpone, but, boy, were we glad we did.

The shoot with Cathy and Mike on the Island and in Union Station was epic! We had such a great time with these two. They were up for anything (just wait, you’ll see, when we say anything, we mean *anything* ☺ ). And it doesn’t hurt that they’re clearly, totally in love.

Sometimes the light is just perfect…

As a bit of background, we always go out to the location of our shoot beforehand to scout – we map out where we want to take our couple and figure out what and how we want to shoot. During out scout for Cathy and Mike’s shoot, we found the Island’s outdoor theatre. The back wall of the theatre was perfect for doing some quick portraits. So, on the day of the shoot, we led Cathy and Mike toward the theatre, and perhaps down a rabbit hole …

This is, of course, where it all starts to feel like you’re having a strange, but actually kind of wonderful dream. As we approach the theatre, we notice a giant sign that says “Frolick”. Just as we were setting up, two young drama types (and we mean this in the nicest possible way – we love all kinds of performance) walk out of the theatre to check out what we’re doing. They regale us with jokes, tell us about their play, and offer us some amazing “props” for the shoot. That’s right. And Cathy and Mike got right into it. We loved it! In our opinion Cathy is a true performer, check out her facial expression in the tryptich below:

{Our thanks to Matthew Krist and Joe Law from Frolick, presenting “Adventures in Slumberland” this summer at the Lagoon Theatre — you guys made our shoot truly memorable.}

Leaving the menagerie and our new friends behind, we headed for some of the Island’s more tranquil spots…

We made our way down to the end of the pier on the other side of the Island for this next set. While we were sorting through the images afterwards, we couldn’t help but feel that there was something vintage and nostalgic about them – something very Beyond the Sea.

The images made us long for some Polaroid shots so we decided to play around a little with our processing:

[Stay tuned for posts later this summer where we actually carted along our old Polaroid cameras and Instax.]

Down from the pier to the water and up into the lifeguard stands…

Across by ferry, back to the city and into the basement of Union Station, there are a line of phone booths that we had been absolutely dying to use for a shoot.

It was a hot summer night. We’ll say no more.

To finish the night off, a little more scratchy vintage …

Cathy and Mike – thanks for an amazing evening. We can’t wait to shoot your wedding at the McMichael Art Gallery in a couple of weeks!

kiss for feature

Kim + Tim {Engagement Photography – Peek}

It was the perfect Sunday afternoon in Virgil and Niagara-on-the Lake. Kim and Tim. The Pie Plate (Have we mentioned how much we adore their delectable treats? If we haven’t, we should have.) A stroll through an orchard. Kicking off socks and shoes to beat the heat by climbing into a fountain. Speed ice cream eating and battle (We think the heat may have won!). Sunset by the lake. Love, lots of love, and laughs.

We can’t wait to share the whole engagement shoot (and to shoot Kim and Tim’s wedding in September). For now though, a peek of Kim and Tim through the branches of the pear trees:

a little style too

Reebok Crossfit Regionals: Canada East {Sports Photography}

We went to work for Sweat Rx in early June to shoot the Reebok Crossfit Canada East Regionals. We’ve been holding back on putting our images up until Sweat Rx revamps their website. Fred and his gang at Sweat Rx are great at what they do. As we understand it, the magazine is going to be on newsstands AND will be moving to 6 issues a year. Way to go guys!

Our very own Matthew Lefave of Reebok Liberty Village CrossFit is off to California to compete in the Reebok CrossFit Games against the best competition in the world. Good luck!

These images aren’t our usual style, they’re a little harder a little more gritty. Given the quick movements and the low light, we had to push ourselves and our equipment. That being said, doesn’t the absolutely overwhelming sport of crossfit seem perfectly at home with the grittiness?

The level of effort that these athletes poured from their hearts was amazing. Every single one of them left everything they had on the floor . .

It wasn’t just the athletes that were giving it their all. The friends and family of each athlete seemed to have just as much invested. What a great community!

At the end of the weekend the competition came down to two terrific performances that affected the standings in the very last event. Watching both Lefave and Letendre fight for their place to go to the Games was inspiring. Have no misconception, they pushed themselves further than even they believed they could!


Cathy + Mike {Engagement Photography – Peek}

In just a few short weeks we’ll have the extraordinary luck to shoot Cathy and Mike’s wedding.
When we first had a chance to sit down with Cathy and Mike they were thinking about participating in the Tough Mudder the weekend before their wedding. Really! REALLY!!!! Cooler heads have prevailed and Cathy and Mike are going to take it a little easier leading up to their big day.
That being said, what an incredible sense of adventure. Truly a couple after our own hearts!

Click or refresh to watch me again!!

Much more to come from our afternoon and evening searching out the best photography locations on the Toronto Islands and at Union Station.