August 2012

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Taessa Chorny Atelier {Fashion Photography – Mirvish Villiage}

A creative woman should have a room of her own — to dream, to design, and, in Taessa’s case, to showcase and sell the beautiful fashion pieces that she’s created.

Taessa Chorny’s Atelier is now open in Mirvish Village! And we couldn’t be happier for her. Before the masses of friends and family descended to celebrate the Grand Opening of Taessa’s fabulous new space this summer, we took a few quiet minutes to document the renovated space and all the special details that Taessa has lovingly assembled to make the Atelier her own. It’s a beautiful, airy, fresh space so we thought that we’d share some of the photos with you to entice you to the Atelier if you haven’t been by yet.

Visit Taessa’s Atelier at 587 Markham Street in Mirvish Village, Toronto, reach her by email at [email protected], or check out her blog.

Congratulations, Taessa!!! So awesome!


Katie + Mitch {Engagement Photography}

Typically, we meet our couples before they ask us to shoot their wedding. Katie and Mitch were referred to us by a friend who was a groomsman in the wedding we shot last year in San Fran. So, after checking out our site and a series of emails back and forth, it was a done deal — we were shooting Katie and Mitch’s wedding!

Of course, not meeting beforehand meant we did some speculating about what Katie and Mitch would be like before to arriving to shoot their engagement session. Particularly after Mitch said that he had an idea for the shoot, but would tell us about it when we got there because it was a bit weird (the suspense was killing us!!). We knew it would all be fine though — their only “musts” were that we shoot in the Junction where they’d just bought their first house and that their pug, Baja (pronounced bay-ya), be included. Location that is personal to them — perfect — and we love dogs — awesome.

Mitch’s idea wasn’t so weird after all. Mitch and Katie are huge vinyl fans so we did some shots in front of their records and turntables. A couple after our own hearts! Sadly their collection is slightly bigger than ours though! (off to the record store for us?)

Baja decided that we were headed for a walk to the park for some portraits (and she was a total camera hog):

So fun having your very own front steps!

With Baja safely back home, we went on a wander around the Junction — down alleyways, up ladders, under and over bridges …

Love these — in motion; from both of our perspectives:

And, sometimes, the light is just perfect.

Who doesn’t love a laundromat? Katie and Mitch were a blast, up for anything, kidding around and always smiling and laughing.

Inevitably, at least once a shoot, one of us will come up with a hair-brained scheme. Something a bit different or quirky, if our couple is game. This time, it took the form of “So, how’d you feel about racing around in a laundry cart?” How did Katie and Mitch react? Well, they didn’t take much persuading:

Awesome white wall; the perfect backdrop:

One more grittier set to end the evening, up the fire escape…

Such an awesome time with you guys. We can’t wait to post your wedding!


Rebecca, Curt, and Declan {Family Photography}

We set out for Rebecca, Curt, and Declan’s family shoot with our fingers and toes crossed that the rain would hold off. Of course, as soon as we wheeled into Etienne Brule Park in the Humber River Valley, the sky opened up. Fortunately, we were within sprinting distance of some shelter. These first few shots were captured while we waited out the storm and then tested our luck as the rain started to subside.

While we all grumbled a bit to ourselves about the storm, Declan didn’t seem to mind it at all, even finding a tasty treat …

Rebecca can make Declan laugh in an instant. And to be honest, we had a pretty good chuckle too while documenting their antics together. We *really* wanted to include the monkey dance photos in our post. Cooler heads prevailed though and we went with something a little more classic. You’ll have to ask Rebecca and Declan yourselves if you want to see those shots (or a live reenactment).

These images, set amongst the wildflowers down by the river once the rain had stopped, are some of our favorites from the morning. The bond between these three was something special to watch:

Too cute, Declan:

En route back home, we stopped to take some photos sitting on the cobblestones. Don’t they look great between dodging the cars?!

Rebecca, Curt, and Declan — we had a great time with you. Thanks for sharing the rainy morning with us!

Autumn Portrait featured image

The Autumn Portrait {Music Photography}

Hooked up with Freddie Mojallal and the guys from the Autumn Portrait to shoot their concert at the HMV at Yonge and Dundas. Awesome Canadian band. Their new album, Tired Love, is being released this fall. In the meantime, check them out on their site, including some of their videos, and their Facebook page. They’re also playing the Rivoli tonight!

with this ring

Aileen + Erik {Wedding Photography}

Two fun-loving best friends getting married. What could be better?

We started our day with Aileen and the girls getting ready at her parents’ house. There were tons of laughs, and some tears (all happy, of course).

Aileen picked an absolutely beautiful dress. We had a ton of fun documenting Aileen’s closest friends and her mom helping her put it on.

Awesome reaction to seeing Aileen all ready:

Aileen, you look stunning!!

Family and faith are incredibly important to Aileen and Erik. For this reason, their ceremony was held at Sts. Peter and Paul’s Parish, which Aileen and her family attend, and included a full mass and number of traditional Filopino wedding customs.

Aileen was beaming, ear to ear, coming down the aisle. So genuinely happy. Love it.

We were struck throughout the ceremony (and the rest of the day) by hands — Aileen and Erik holding hands, their hands clasped in prayer, hands giving and receiving. We’ve included a variety of these shots in our post — they seemed to us to capture the connections that were being celebrated that day.

As we mentioned, there were a number of traditional elements to Aileen and Erik’s ceremony, including the wedding veil and cord. In a traditional Filipino wedding, the veil is pinned to the bride and the groom by two of their “sponsors,” individuals chosen by the bride and the groom. The veiling signifies the unifying of two individuals who have become one in marriage. After the veiling, the sponsors drape a cord over the shoulders of the bride and groom in a figure eight or infinity sign, which symbolizes everlasting fidelity.

These little ones were so adorable, watching everything very quietly and so intently.

There was not a dry eye in the house for the exchange of Aileen and Erik’s vows!

After the exchange of wedding rings, Erik gave the wedding “arrhae” to Aileen, essentially a pledge that he is devoted to her well-being and their future children.

After the ceremony was done and we took some family shots, we took off with Erik and Aileen and their bridal parties for Benares Historic House for some photos.

We always scout the locations before a wedding and had checked out the Benares Historic House a few days before. Scouting allows us to be more creative, to be more efficient with a couple’s time on their wedding day, and to create back up plans. We hadn’t shot at Benares before and were super excited because we had some awesome ideas for using the verandah and balcony of the House.

As luck would have it, we weren’t able to realize our big ideas. A wasp colony had gathered forced on the verandah of the House, resulting in swarms of wasps threatening us if we even got near the verandah. As much as amazing images are important to us (and our couples), getting our couple or their nearest and dearest stung on their wedding day isn’t worth it. So, we were on to plan B and C and used some of the beautiful woods, paths, and barn we had scouted instead.

Aileen and Erik have awesome, long-time friends. Constant laughter and teasing. And they can do a bit more serious too.

The chemistry with Aileen and Erik is awesome — teasing, laughter, and certainly some attitude (of the best kind).

From the Benares Historic House, we were off to the reception for a Chinese tea ceremony, traditional for Erik’s family.

Congratulations, Aileen and Erik! And thanks for sharing your day with us.


Little.White.Dress {Fashion Photography}

We wanted to share a few of our favorite images with you from our shoot for Alexandra Wilson and Jessica van Enckevort, the designers of Little.White.Dress., to catalogue their most recent collection.

A bit about Little.White.Dress: Little.White.Dress is a bridal and evening wear collection for modern women with an aesthetic inspired by glamour from the past. Little.White.Dress.’s style challenges the shapeless and boring stigma attached to sustainable clothing. Their line explores the use of eco-friendly and re-purposed fabrics to create an elegant and sophisticated hand-crafted collection of dresses. Little.White.Dress. designs are made from a variety of alternative fabrics including repurposed, rescued, and all natural materials making them sustainable.

Allie and Jess are awesome — we love working with them. Keep an eye on the blog in upcoming months for editorial shots of their cocktail dress collection.

Like what you see? How could you not?! Visit Allie and Jess on Etsy, Facebook, or in person at the Arts Market in Leslieville.

Dresses: Little.White.Dress
Hair and Makeup: Lush Brush (Melissa Noelle and Kathleen Parker)
Models: Andrena Khan, Rowena Khan, and Alana
Location: Ooma Gallery