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Jodi + Rob {Osgoode Hall Wedding}

Jodi and Rob made it official last week in Courtroom 2 of Osgoode Hall with close family and friends. It was the prelude to their Dominican Republic beach wedding and week-long wedding celebration. After their Osgoode ceremony, we took a few moments with Jodi and Rob to do some portraits in the beautiful historic building.

Sneaking into the American Room (the centrepiece of Osgoode’s Great Library) for some photos was amazing. Classic portraits with gorgeous old books as backdrop.

First dance?

See you guys on the beach. Looking forward to a big icy drink with a tiny umbrella!


Lieu + David {Pinestone Winter Engagement}

With spring almost upon us, we wanted to share one last wintery shoot from this year — Lieu and David’s stunning walk around the grounds of Pinestone Resort in the snow.

Lieu and David are very passionate about photography. So much so that they decided to do not one, but two engagement shoots with us. Their first engagement shoot was at sunrise last spring in cherry blossom season. This one couldn’t have been more different, but equally beautiful. Lieu and David decided to wear traditional Ao Dai and then change into formal wear. The vibrant red and yellow colours of the Ao Dai on the snowy background (and with the snow falling) were just magical.

Lieu — you look absolutely gorgeous.

David is interested in the creation of unique images so we came up with a few ideas for this shoot that we thought he’d enjoy.

Something a little more classic…

Love these cuff links — Lieu and David’s zodiac signs.

Lieu walking through the snowy pine pathway looks incredible!

When we found this tree on our scout, we knew we wanted to use it. That is if Lieu and David could wade through the knee to waist deep snow to get there. They were more than willing to give it a shot. And it was *so* worth it.

Thanks for another amazing shoot, you two. We can’t wait for your wedding in May!

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Erika + Wes {Miller Lash House Engagement}

We’ve all been (justifiably) complaining about the long, never-ending, interminable winter. (I mean, really, how was it snowing today?!?!) Amongst all our whining, I think sometimes we all forget about the good things about winter though — you know, like snuggling up with your special someone, or pelting the love of your life with snow. And boy oh boy do we mean pelting.

Erika and Wes are two creatives who we think are the cat’s meow (total pun intended — they have two cats, just like we do). For their engagement shoot, Erika and Wes were totally game for an afternoon of winter hiking around the University of Toronto property, snuggling up close on the Miller Lash House grounds, and playing in the snow. Being in the industry, Erika and Wes came equipped with a ton of ideas — so many that we couldn’t even blog them all (don’t forget to ask them to see photos of hot chocolate magic, Erika popping her collar (stunning!), and Wes recreating John Bender’s victorious fist pump over Mr. Vernon). Such fun to collaborate with them. Before we showcase Erika and Wes’ snow war, we wanted to share some of the classic, cozy winter photos from their shoot . . .

Here’s where the shoot got really, really interesting. . .

So, here are the rules. Just so we’re all clear. Erika is totally allowed to throw snow at Wes. In fact, he loves it. He welcomes it. With open arms. And check out the look of sheer joy on Erika’s face. Throwing snow at Wes = happy.

Wes. Now just because you like getting hit with snow does not mean Erika does. Seriously. Wes. Not a good idea, buddy.

Gorgeous, Erika. Seriously, too beautiful.

Thanks for an awesome afternoon guys. You reminded us just how fun winter can be. That said, we’re still ready for spring!


Marg + Matt {Concept Wedding Photography}

As you’ll remember, we shot Marg and Matt’s wedding a few months ago. It was a great day — from a beautiful ceremony at Enoch Turner Schoolhouse to an amazing reception and dinner at Hopgood’s Foodliner.

We did, however, hold one part of the day back until now.

As everyone knows, Marg and Matt have been together forever. It just so happened that they decided to get married and start a family at the same time; Marg was a few months pregnant on her wedding day. Knowing that they had such a great sense of humour, we rented a prop shotgun from a local theatre supply store to shoot a few photos in the classroom at Enoch Turner, which is still decked out in turn of the century furnishings.

How much fun are these two . . . ?


Ashley + Chad {Ancaster Mill Wedding}

Ashley and Chad are so laid back and at ease together. And they’re fun. A perfect combination. They make us smile and laugh right along with them. Ash and Chad’s wedding was a joy to document. Not that this came as a surprise to us — we knew it would be after meeting them for drinks and, later, doing their engagement shoot.

We started the day with Ashley in Ancaster at the hotel where she was getting ready.

We love mirrors and reflections. Ash’s makeup application in the window provided so many interesting angles.

Down the hall, Chad and his groomsmen were getting ready. The shaving kits, which were the gifts to his groomsmen, were awesome (Mark was eyeing them — I wonder if one would make him want to shave more often…).

A little behind the scenes shot…

Ashley, her bridesmaids, and her mom headed over to the bridal suite at Ancaster Mill to finish getting ready.

Love this one of Ash and her mom…

Ashley had a couple of minutes to relax, casual and comfortable, but stylish, before the day really got started.

The bridal suite at Ancaster Mill is gorgeous. It provided so many stunning options for shooting Ashley’s dress — we couldn’t pick just one!

Before we knew it, it was dress time. Ashley looked absolutely stunning in the afternoon light putting her dress on. Seriously. So pretty.

Let’s not kid ourselves, as long as you live, you always need mom. We shot over mom’s shoulder and then over Ash’s…

We’re always looking for new perspectives and effects. This dreamlike shot was taken through the sheers in the room.

From outside, just before heading over to the ceremony…

Our favorite parts of Ash and Chad’s ceremony were the way that Ash beamed at Chad throughout and Chad’s vows, delivered so sincerely and typed on an itty-bitty piece of paper. A few of these favorites…

After the ceremony, we headed out with Ashley and Chad’s bridal parties for a few shots on the grounds near the Mill. We’re sharing a few of the PG photos from that part of the day. You’ll have to ask the guys about the rest…

So what if we love Ashley’s boots?

We always scout the locations that we’ll be shooting on the wedding day ahead of time so we can formulate our plan. We were so excited to find this section of the Bruce Trail with amazing open spaces, old trees, and fabulous fall colours. The trail proved to be just the right backdrop for these two to spend some time alone (with us); to smile and laugh, and just be … newlyweds…

[Lipstick: beautiful but messy].

Time for something playful. Don’t ever grow up. Always throw leaves.

In perspective…

Back at the Ancaster Mill, it was time for dinner, cake, and dancing…

Ashley and Chad threw such an amazing party that it pains us not to blog it all. We couldn’t resist sharing a few late night shots of Ash and Chad and the Cohibas though…

Those personal vows Ash and Chad shared got right to us. We knew we had to shoot the rings on them.

Ashley and Chad — thanks for your infectious smiles and laughter. And for making our job so easy and fun. Don’t forget to give us a call when you’re next in the city!

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Erin + Ryan {Cambridge Mill Wedding}

Driving out to Cambridge, our windshield wipers were going full tilt. It was raining cats and dogs (for those of you who love dogs — stay tuned). Fortunately, the rain started to subside just as we were pulling in to salon to start documenting Erin and Ryan’s big day.

Erin selected a gorgeous midnight blue and fushia as the colours for her wedding. The deep blue and the pop of pink worked perfectly together on an overcast day. Absolutely adore her Kate Spade shoes!

Erin’s bridesmaids gave her a helping hand with the dress.

We had been looking forward to meeting Erin’s mom, having heard a lot about her (and her handy work and baking) from Erin. Although Erin’s mom still lives in PEI (where Erin hails from originally), she had been a big help to Erin in planning and executing special details of Erin’s big day. Erin’s mom also gave her a hand with her dress…

Once Erin was ready to go, it was time for a quick portrait with Quinton, Erin and Ryan’s adorable pup and the dog of honour. He is certainly quite the photographic gent. Love the suit! (Quinton was outfitted by Erin’s mom)

We love it when our couples opt to see each other before the ceremony. The landing down on the Grand River at Cambridge Mill, where they would be getting married a couple of hours later, provided the perfect backdrop for Erin and Ryan’s first look. Just a couple of quiet, intimate moments alone before their day together began to unfold.

There is a great place near Cambridge Mill to take pictures of bridal parties. We stopped en route to do a few fun portraits of Erin and Ryan.

With their bridal party in tow, Erin, Ryan and their friends just couldn’t stop having a ball . . .

From a different perspective, you can see that Erin and Ryan certainly were the centre of attention.

Love these portraits of Erin down by the river. Gorgeous.

With all their friends…

Because Erin couldn’t be the only one to have her portrait done with Quinton…

Just as we were finishing up portraits, the sky opened up again and we all made a mad dash to Cambridge Mill’s beautiful ceremony space — with its floor to ceiling windows, you have the feeling of being outdoors right on the river even though you’re indoors. It was a touching ceremony, with Erin’s grandmother playing the piano, personal readings from friends and family, and a whole lot of love…

While Mark took some family photos, Naomi headed back to the Mill to document some of the touches that personalized Erin and Ryan’s day. Their cake table in particular deserved special attention. Erin’s mom had done all the baking and had brought family heirlooms to serve the cakes and cupcakes on…

The cakes were all set up in the Solarium where Erin and Ryan would host their cocktail hour. It’s a gorgeous view out, just don’t look down if you don’t like heights (or rapids!).

Another set of special details were the table cards. If you thought that Quinton only got dressed up for weddings, you are sorely mistaken. He has a number of different outfits and costumes and Erin used photos of Quinton in these for table cards. (This really makes me think that Sabine and Griffin, our cats, need more clothes. Although, truth be told, I don’t think either of them would let us dress them up or take their pictures!)

Just before heading into their cocktail hour, Mark made a quick detour with Erin and Ryan up to the balcony on the top floor. A little breeze to catch Erin’s veil and the stunning view of the river resulted in some classic images.

After a lovely dinner, great speeches, and a visit from Anne of Green Gables (PEI would be so proud), Erin and Ryan had their first dance…

Guests got mini donuts for the road as a nod to Ryan’s proposal to Erin. There were actually no donuts involved, although Erin thought there were. If you don’t know the story, you really should ask (sorry Erin, but it is pretty funny).

We couldn’t end the post without a shout out to the funniest Anne of Green Gables (M.C.) that we’ve ever seen.

Erin and Ryan — thanks so much for choosing us to document your day! We had a fabulous time with you two, your family and friends, and, of course, Quinton.


Kim + Wayne {Richmond Green and Warehouse Wedding}

We had such an amazing day with Kim and Wayne and their family and friends. Not only did Kim and Wayne throw an amazing wedding, but we had the chance to document who they are together, with their family and friends. So many laughs and tender moments.

Kim picked such stunning accessories…

We’re *big* fans of the customized hangars.

We always love seeing save the dates and/or invitations where our couples have used engagement photos that we captured.

Wayne is so incredibly expressive and such a ham.

Nice kicks! Nothing like a splash of colour on an overcast day.

What every wedding needs…

Watching and documenting Wayne’s mom with Wayne and Wayne’s dad was priceless. There was unabashed motherly fixing of hair; making sure her guys looked just perfect.

And, of course, she had to rub her lipstick off Wayne’s cheek after giving him a quick kiss. Such a sheepish look on Wayne’s face. Too funny.

Meanwhile, at Kim and Wayne’s house, Kim was putting on her dress with some help from her bridesmaids, maid of honour, and mom.

And a couple of little onlookers.

Gorgeous, Kim. Seriously. And you couldn’t have looked happier.

Off to the church…

Stella certainly took charge (there is no talking during the ceremony!).

Perfect attitude. And then something a little more cuddly.

Kim and Wayne are so tight with their friends. Such a fun group. There is no hiding their personalities!

Great flower choices — the purple and lime green really pop.

And so the guys didn’t feel left out…

After all the goofing around, a few quiet moments in the tall grasses…

Hawaiian dancing is a huge part of Kim and Wayne’s lives together. So, it was only fitting that they had a Hawaiian band (made up of friends and family) play for part of their reception and that Kim and some of her friends gave a performance. Ladies, you are so talented!!

First dance as husband and wife.

We couldn’t resist borrowing the Hawaiian figurines for their rings.

Kim and Wayne — Congratulations!! Your wedding day was so much fun and perfectly you two. Welcome back from the Philippines! Let’s catch up soon.


Olena + James {Berkeley Church and Vintage TTC}

Olena and James’ wedding day started with an emotional bang. When we arrived at Olena’s parents’ house, we were told that Olena had received one of the sweetest, most sentimental, thoughtful gift that we’ve seen to date from a groom to his bride. Not only did James write Olena a card to be opened on their wedding day, but also cards to be opened on their one year wedding anniversary and every milestone anniversary (typically every 5 years) until their 50th. Seriously, Olena, as we’re sure you know — you’re a lucky woman.

Olena, her bridesmaids, mom, and sister had their hair and makeup done at the house. This allowed for a low-key, relaxed morning — having breakfast together and hanging out.

Olena picked a gorgeous dress. We got to play a little peekaboo with kitten around the train as we photographed it.

It’s always fun documenting a bride’s first look at herself in her dress on her big day. All excitement and nerves. Love these two of Olena and her sister, Rayissa.

Olena and her dad are really close. His first look at his youngest daughter in her wedding dress was heartwarming.

Before heading to the church, we shot a few photos of Olena and her bridesmaids in the garden. Check out the colourful manis!

The Scrabble touches on the bouquet were really unique. Such a lovely way to personalize your flowers.

So much cuteness — Olena’s nephew and his mom.

Time to leave for the church!

Couldn’t be a better choice of ride. Olena and her dad rode to the church in style in this fabulous Rolls Royce (we couldn’t help including some of the details of this stunning classic car).

Meanwhile, after a round of golf, James and the guys got ready at the Westin Golf and Country Club.

In the Ukrainian tradition, the bride and the groom walk down the aisle together so Olena was greeted by James at the church. It was the first time they had seen each other that day. Talk about emotional!!

St. Nicolas Ukrainian Church is one of our new favorite churches in the city. The colours are just gorgeous.

The way these two glanced at each other throughout the ceremony was adorable…

Their vows completed, immediate family and bridal parties waited for the PCC streetcar that Olena and James had rented to pick them up on Queen West. It was certainly a chilly day so a stop for some pastries to warm up was in order.

For anyone looking for an amazing transportation idea, the vintage PCC TTC streetcar is definitely the way to go…

Beautiful, Olena!

Snuggling at the back. Here’s a look at their first minutes together alone as a married couple…

The whole gang. What a backdrop…

Industrial, with a view of the cityscape…

And with that, everyone piled back into the streetcar en route to the Berkeley Church!

Berkeley Church is a gorgeous wedding venue. Even more so when it was personalized for Olena and James, beautifully executed by Bliss Events, with Scrabble touches, literary quotes, mason jar steins…

Against the backdrop of Berkeley’s gothic arch, friends and family told such heartfelt stories about Olena and James. Not to mention the tender words that Olena and James exchanged in front of their guests…

Olena and James’ sweet table was to die for. The mauve donut cake with floral embellishments was one of a kind…

Romantic first dance with the look of expired film …

As a surprise for their guests, Olena and James commissioned an amazing aerialist to perform…

The perfect midnight snack…

Sparkles with McDs and Olena’s bouquet…

What a wedding! It certainly had it all — emotion; close family and friends; unique, but personalized, concepts; and such attention to detail. Thanks for asking us to document your day, Olena and James!

Club: Westin Golf and Country Club
Ceremony Location: St. Nicolas Ukrainian Church
Reception Location: Berkeley Church
Event Coordination: Bliss Events
Hair: Nicole at Coup Bizarre
Makeup: Faces by Carla
Flowers: Flower Fantasy
Candelabras: Designs by Anita
Cake: Paulette’s Donuts
DJ: DJ Razzamatazz
Polka Band: Ren Kahoot


Laura + Brad {Pinestone Resort Wedding}

We love a fall wedding. Even more so when it’s a fall wedding weekend in Haliburton with all the leaves changing at the beautiful Pinestone Resort. Simply put, Laura and Brad’s “Hitched in Haliburton” weekend was fantastic!

Can’t explain how fun it is deer spotting!

The misty morning on the course (before the golfers were up) was the perfect backdrop for Laura’s stunning dress.

We love a sexy pair of heels as much as the next photographers, but there’s something to be said about a bride wearing her favorite boots with her dress!

Laura did a great job with her fall-themed wedding (so many gorgeous DIY details to come!). Bringing the theme through right down to her earrings. Awesome.

Laura’s bridesmaids had a photobook made for her as their wedding day gift to her. So many happy tears while flipping through it. Could there really be a better way to spend your wedding morning?

The birdcage. Our favorite veil (apologies to the rest, but it’s the best). Fabulous choice, Laura!

After slipping on her dress and a few last finishing touches, we all piled into cars headed to Brad’s family’s rustic cabin.

We’re completely smitten with Laura in her dress against the cabin through the pines. Wow!

Laura and Brad did their first look down on the dock…

Close friends and family looking on. So much excitement and anticipation.

After Laura and Brad had some quiet romantic moments on the dock together, it was time for some photos with Laura and her girls. There were *so* many laughs.

Meanwhile, the guys were… hanging out…

The leaves were irresistible. We caught Laura playing with one…

And now for something completely different. We couldn’t let this canoe go to waste.

With the canoe having fulfilled it’s destiny, we all headed back to Pinestone for some family photos and some photos of Laura and Brad on Pinestone’s gorgeous grounds.

And now the moment that we’d all been waiting for. It was time.

Darby!! Great tux, buddy.

Fall DIY everything…

Great storytelling and a spectrum of emotions and reactions — smiles, laughs, tears and surprise. Some stories were for adult audiences only, leaving some of the ‘younger’ guests stunned (check out the little guy)…

Their first dance as husband and wife…

Congratulations, Laura and Brad. What a great weekend!

Special thanks to Jessie Stamp, Pinestone’s amazing Wedding Coordinator, who did such an incredible job planning the weekend’s events and making sure everything turned out perfectly! If you’re even thinking about getting hitched in Haliburton make sure you talk to Jessie!


Kristy + Jon {Twist Gallery Wedding}

Kristy and Jon are an absolutely gorgeous couple. Inside and out (case and point on the latter: their engagement shoot; you’ll just have to take our word on the former). While it poured rain for almost all of Kristy and Jon’s big day, they rolled with it. The result — a classically beautiful wedding day. So classic, in fact, that we’ve decided to share most of it in black and white.

Kristy and her girls got ready at Kristy and Jon’s condo. She picked an absolutely stunning dress with an amazing train for the church.

Loved Kristy’s accessory choices…

Kristy and Jon decided not to see each other until Kristy’s walk down the aisle with her parents. The anticipation was killing us! Especially with how beautiful Kristy looked in her dress…

Kristy and Jon were married at St. Mary’s, one of our favorite churches in the city. So grand. Great balcony. Perfect for capturing the first time a groom sees his bride on their wedding day from several angles.

Kristy’s nieces were her flower girls for the wedding. They were absolutely adorable. These two photographs were taken seconds apart. Each of us on opposite sides of the church. We love shooting together — it allows us to get both of these perspectives.

At last. Sealed with a kiss.

Since it was raining too hard to even get to their limo, we opted to use some of the arches inside an alcove at the church to do some portraits, waiting for the rain to die down a bit.

Kristy and Jon were more than happy to have a couple of quiet moments to themselves…

We love documenting kids at weddings. Kristy’s nieces and nephew were absolutely priceless. And we loved their retro outfits. Tyler’s hat was just too much cuteness for us to take!

Headed for some more secret indoor locations:

Kristy and Jon were willing to take advantage of a break in the rain for a few portraits at Victoria College and, when the rain picked up again, play around outside with some umbrellas.

Kristy’s girls were amazing! It was pouring and the rain was splashing in the puddles, but they were totally willing to step out into it for a fun shot.

A few more quiet, tender moments out of the rain…

Off to Twist Gallery for the party!

Kristy and Jon have an amazing sense of style! Their wedding was DIY perfection amongst art at Twist, a hip Queen West gallery. Love it.

The food by Treeline Events was visually fabulous and delicious…

Their first dance as husband and wife. All eyes on Kristy and Jon…

Couldn’t resist sharing one more of this little one looking out onto the city while the party is going strong. Great reflection.

Congratulations, Kristy and Jon! Thanks for being ready to roll with the rainy-day punches and allowing us to document your classically beautiful day!

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