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Kaila + Jeff {Fermenting Cellar Wedding Peek}

A few of our favorites from our wedding day wander about the Distillery District with Kaila and Jeff. So much more to come from their stunning celebration at the industrial chic Fermenting Cellar!


Jamie + Simon {Old Mill Wedding Photography}

Jamie and Simon tied the knot a few weeks ago at the Old Mill.

We started the day with Jamie and Simon and their bridal parties, getting ready in adjoining suites. Jamie’s choices for the day were classic, but modern. They suited her perfectly.

One of our favorite parts of the day is our couples getting ready — there’s always excitement and nerves, last minute hustle and bustle, and, sometimes, a bit of quiet last minute speech finalizing…

Simon spent some time working on his bow tie — looking good!

Ladies always take a little longer to get ready (but the wait is *so* worth it)…

Jamie’s bridesmaids couldn’t resist snapping a few quick pics of Jamie all ready…

And it’s no wonder — Jamie, you look stunning.

It was almost time. Simon and his groomsmen just had to wait a little longer.

At last — husband and wife.

Jamie confided to us on her wedding day that her flowers and the vases that were imported by her father were some of her favorite details of the day. So, of course, we couldn’t resist posting a couple of images of the bouquets up against her dress and the indigo bridesmaid dress. Love the blues and yellows, and such an original combination of flowers!

After some photos with family and their bridal parties on the Old Mill property, we headed over to the bridge and Etienne Brule Park for some images in a more rustic setting.

One of the vases that Jamie’s dad brought over. Gorgeous!

Jamie and Simon — thanks so much for asking us to document your day! We had a great time with you two.

feature iii

Leona + Matt {Miller Lash House Wedding Photography}

Sit back, relax, and let us tell you a story. This is a good one. There’s fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, True Love, and miracles. Alright, maybe we’re embellishing a little. That may have been the description of the story of The Princess Bride, one of our favorite movies. Leona and Matt’s story certainly has true love, perhaps even monsters, but first there was adventure on a river and Matt having emergency surgery days before their wedding.

Here we go then, with Leona and Matt’s story, from the top: You remember Leona and Matt, right? Well, they booked us to document their wedding about 18 months before the big day. We love Leona and Matt — they are a ton of fun and they’re sweet and generous (they actually got us a gift on their wedding day — the “Drive Nacho Drive” book because of our shared love of adventure). They’re also planners. This is a story about their best laid wedding plans.

Leona has amazing taste. Every detail of her wedding was perfectly orchestrated — the venue, Miller Lash House, ideal for her rustic, intimate wedding; her invitations, jewelry, and shoes suited her perfectly…

One of the most precious details of the day was Leona’s dress, which was handmade by her mother. It was absolutely stunning — raw silk, with such touching details — some of Matt’s family tartan stitched in under the skirt, a red heart embroidered on the inside.

The first time that Leona saw the dress completed was on the day of her wedding.

Love Leona’s bridesmaid’s reactions to seeing Leona, her dress, with her mom. Tear wiping and photos were definitely in order.

Some last minute finishing touches and it was time for Leona to put on the dress.

Leona’s flowers were absolutely gorgeous!

We’ve left you in suspense long enough. “Where’s Matt?” you’re asking. Well, a couple days before the wedding, Matt went tubing with some friends. Not white rafting. Nothing dangerous, they thought. Just a float down the river, lazy river style. That is unless you fall out of your tube and get your foot lodged under a rock and the current keeps pulling you down the river. This crazy chain of events resulted in Matt breaking his ankle and requiring multiple surgeries. Poor Matt. He made it, a little later than planned, in the back of his VW van, ambulance style, but he made it!

Leona was radiant and confident walking down the aisle to Matt.

This was all that really mattered…

We had gotten a call from Leona earlier in the week after Matt’s accident with a change of plans — despite having scheduled a couple of hours for portraits of the two of them and their bridal parties, Matt wouldn’t be in any state to do anything other than family photos and a quick bridal party photo for posterity. Of course, we totally understood and offered to shoot some photos of Leona and Matt in their wedding gear later this fall once Matt is up and about again.

And now, with all the standing done for the evening, Leona and Matt could enjoy the beautiful party under the big white tent, including all the details that they planned so carefully together.

There could be no first dance. Matt’s ankle just wouldn’t hold up. But there was a big surprise for him. And we were in on the secret. Leona’s bridesmaids (clearly the best friends ever) had spent months learning to play guitar so they could play and sing back up for Leona as she sang Wonderful World by Sam Cooke to Matt. It was adorable. So heartfelt and what a smile it brought to Matt’s face…

The evening’s events were nothing short of fantastic — the lion dance performed by some of Leona’s family members was certainly a highlight.

Although it didn’t all run according to plan, Leona and Matt — you planned such a beautiful wedding. It was only made all the more special by the way that you two handled the bumps in the road (or the river). Congratulations, again!! We can’t wait to shoot some more images of the two of you this fall and to catch up.


Venue: Miller Lash House
Catering: Daniel et Daniel
Flowers: Floret
Hair and Makeup: Lush Brush Hair and Makeup
Officiant: Bryan T. Fairbrother, All Seasons Weddings
Cake: Dufflet


Stacie + Max {Destination Wedding — Barbados}

Stacie and Max wed in Barbados, the beautiful Atlantic island 5 hours’ flight from Toronto where much of Max’s family still lives. We couldn’t have been happier to be invited along to document Stacie and Max’s wedding, time with their families, and portrait session all around the island.

Barbados is a stunning island with gorgeous white sand beaches, sweeping sugar cane fields, colourful towns, and expansive caves. At only 23 by 34 kilometres, Barbados is the perfect size to explore by car — if you don’t mind the added adventure of driving on the left side of the road, that is.

Most of Stacie and Max’s family and friends from out of town stayed at Crystal Cove, the small boutique hotel on the west side of the island where the ocean is calm. It was there that their wedding day started. Like many island weddings, the morning and early afternoon were laid back. In addition to the relaxed island vibe, it certainly seemed to put Stacie at ease that one of her closest friends, Michelle, was the one doing her hair and makeup.

Stacie’s dress was absolutely stunning. The perfect blend of tradition and flowing whimsy.

These heels were certainly not for the beach, but looked fantastic on Stacie at the ceremony and reception.

We’re suckers for the birdcage veil. So elegant.

We couldn’t resist showcasing Stacie’s jewelry in the gardens at Crystal Cove, juxtaposing the pop of the colours of the tropical flowers with the sparkles.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the resort, Max was transcribing his vows for the ceremony and hanging out with his groomsmen. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who knows Max that there was a game on in the background…

Back in Stacie’s room, it was time for her to put on her dress. Stacie — you look gorgeous!!

Time for a little help from Stacie’s sisters, Stephanie and Sheila. And a few laughs.

It was finally time for Stacie and Max’s first look. We selected a secluded spot down the beach for Max to wait as Stacie approached.

Classic Stacie and Max hamming it up for the camera…

Before heading off for the ceremony, we had to use this fabulous oceanside staircase and some of the mammoth seaside rocks as backdrops for the bridal party.

A quick stop by the room to pick up Stacie’s flowers and we were off to The Beach House for the ceremony and reception.

Set overlooking the ocean, framed by palms, the ceremony space was intimate, cool and calming.

Max’s reaction to seeing Stacie walk down the aisle with her parents was so touching. And we love that they both wrote their own vows.

Stacie and Max enlisted the fabulous Emma Corrie of Emma Corrie Designs to plan their wedding. From the overall vision down to every detail, it was all executed beautifully.

As the light began to fade and the torches and candles were lit, dinner and the sharing of stories about Stacie and Max began. Max and Stacie’s first dance as husband and wife followed shortly thereafter.

Preferring to spend more time with their families and friends on their wedding day, Stacie and Max had decided that they would get back in their wedding gear a few days after their wedding and go on a photographic adventure with us. Because it was our first time in Barbados, this required some serious scouting on our part. But we love an adventure. Especially when it involves renting a car and driving on the wrong side of the road (oh the Brits), stopping in small towns, exploring fields and caves, and pulling over to refuel on roti. Barbados is replete with beautiful locations for photography. The real difficulty was narrowing down our list.

Our first stop was a personal one at Max’s father’s home where Max and Stacie often stay when they come to visit. The lush grounds could be mistaken for the depths of a rainforest.

Back in the air conditioned car, we headed north to St. Nicolas Abbey, a 400-acre estate of undulating sugar cane fields, tropical gullies, mahogany forests and formal gardens.

Leaving St. Nicolas, we headed further north to Animal Flower Cave, offering a spectacular window out to the sea and some moody shadows.

Our last stop, just before sunset, was along the beach on the west coast. We had seen some of the old boats housed on the beach a few days earlier and were keen to return. We weren’t alone in finding the spot irresistible…

Our time with Stacie and Max and their families and friends in Barbados absolutely flew by. In the blink of an eye, it was time to head back to Toronto.

Thanks so much for inviting us along to document your wedding week in Barbados, you two. We had an amazing time getting to know your friends and family and exploring the island that clearly has a very special place in your lives together.

feature peek

Stephanie + Matthew {Wedding Photography – Peek}

Before the long weekend, we thought we’d share a handful of our favorites from Steph and Matt’s amazing wedding at the Doctor’s House in Kleinburg. Just seeing the happiness and calm that these two exude when they’re together is enough to make you melt. So much more to come from their gorgeous, funny, and often emotional day very soon.

feature i

Little White Dresses and Pretty Books {Fashion Photography}

Let’s face it — bookstores are just romantic. Escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Putting your iPhone, Smartphone, or other device aside for a few moments. Picking up a book, finding a quiet nook and skimming through a few pages. In seconds, you’re transported to a different world or lost in new concepts or ideas. Even better if you’re browsing for books with your special someone (we do this often — one of our first dates was wandering through the overflowing aisles of a used bookstore).

When we were looking for somewhere romantic and unique to showcase some of the gorgeous eco-friendly dresses by Little White Dress and vintage inspired accessories by The Loved One, we thought immediately of Ben McNally Books. There is no better place in the core to escape from the whir of the city. We had the opportunity to collaborate with an amazing creative team at Ben’s for the short afternoon shoot — Allie from Little White Dress; Antonia from the Loved One; Kathleen and Paola from Lush Brush Hair & Makeup; and Ellie, Ty, and Yulia, our models. A few of our favorite images …


Location: Ben McNally Books
Dresses: Little White Dress
Accessories: The Loved One
Hair and Makeup: Lush Brush Hair & Makeup
Models: Ellie, Ty, and Yulia
(Check out FB for a few more . . . )

feature iii

Jamie + Simon {Rustic Chic Engagement Photography}

When Jamie first wrote to us about planning her engagement shoot, she told us she was looking for something glamourous but rustic. We were definitely excited about this. Getting all dressed up for a romantic picnic sounded like an excellent plan to us. We had the perfect place in mind — down a trail, with tall grasses and a breeze off the lake — only a short walk away.

As we started off down the path, it was immediately clear just how at ease Jamie and Simon are in each other’s company. And it only takes a quick glance between the two of them to spark smiles.

Love the back of Jamie’s dress — so pretty.

All the elements of a perfect glam picnic — cosy blankets and pillows, a bottle of Moet & Chandon’s pink bubbles, a box of gorgeous pastel macarons.

With the sun starting to set, Jamie and Simon packed up their picnic and Jamie quickly changed into another stunning dress. These two snuggled perfectly into each other for some last shots in the soft light. Gorgeous, Jamie and Simon.

Thanks to you both for all of your planning and prep for the shoot. It’s not long until your big day now! Looking forward to seeing you both soon!

feature ii

Nadine + Garry {Distillery District Engagement Photography}

These two make us smile. Mostly because they make each other smile. Big time. And laugh. Sometimes this devolves into fits of adorable giggles (yes, we’re looking at you Nadine). Nadine and Garry decided to keep it personal for their engagement shoot with some casual, relaxed time in their new home in the Distillery before heading out on the town to the location where they first met.

No better place to start than Nadine and Garry’s balcony with a gorgeous view of the cityscape. Perfect for hanging out together after work…

Snuggled in for portraits and some reflections.

A quick change of clothes and we were ready to head out. Love these images set between the pillars. Perhaps we love Nadine’s shoes even more? We don’t know how you navigated the cobblestone paths in those, Nadine, but it was *soooo* worth it.

See — we weren’t kidding about the giggles.

At last we’ve arrived at the infamous P.J. O’Brien Pub, where Nadine and Garry first met. Nadine describes the evening as one where, although they were both out with separate groups of friends, there was “this guy who just wouldn’t stop talking to me.” Determination. We like that. Especially when it’s so clear that they’re a great match.

Back to the Distillery in the setting sun for a few more portraits…

What a fun evening! Looking forward to documenting your wedding this fall at Donalda Club!

feature iii

Kaila + Jeff {Ashbridges Bay Engagement Photography}

A few weeks ago, we spent an evening wandering around Ashbridges Bay Park with Kaila and Jeff. Off the beaten track, seemingly far away from the noisy din of the city, we found some secluded places for them to snuggle up and just be themselves together in front of our cameras.

Sunset by the marina. Kaila — you look gorgeous!

Such a beautiful evening with you two down by the water. Can’t wait for your wedding in a few short weeks!


Stephanie + Matthew {Cherry Beach Engagement Photography}

Stephanie and Matt didn’t tell us about the zombies. They brought zombies with them. In the back seat of their car. Yes, you heard that correctly. There were zombies at Cherry Beach at sunrise for their engagement shoot. Are you intrigued? Good. So were we.

Avid board game players, Stephanie and Matt introduced us to one of their favorite board games: Zombicide. The set up is elaborate and the competition between them fierce. We suspect we saw a somewhat softer side of their competitive streaks that morning though. Regardless, it was so much fun (and we, who are also lovers of board games, have another game to try out for ourselves)!

I don’t think the instructions provide for Abominations (the most mutated zombies who can only be killed with the most powerful weapons) kissing. But, it’s an engagement shoot, and so some rules can be broken.

Having destroyed all the zombies, the survivors had a quick outfit change and a walk along the beach. Stephanie was right at home by the water, being from the east coast originally. Although we didn’t get a true sunrise that morning, the beach was still and quiet and the light was fantastic. And Stephanie and Matt were so relaxed together that it was hard to take a shot where they didn’t look perfectly content and in love.

Thanks for an awesome early morning, you two. We can’t wait for your wedding at the Doctor’s House in just a few short weeks!

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