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Christina + Cal {Rustic Fall Engagement Photography}

We first met Christina and Cal on a snowy, cold day last February. Cozy with a coffee, we chatted away the evening. The next time we met couldn’t have been more different. Crisp beautiful leaves in stunning hues. Warm fall sun (probably as nice as any day all summer). A Bay blanket. A bottle of bubbly. Cupcakes. Sunflowers and balloons. Christina and Cal let us know they wanted to shoot their engagement session over a picnic with a wide field and a little forest. Christina also asked us if it would be possible to shoot around a farmhouse.

We took a nice Sunday drive to look for somewhere to give Christina and Cal what they wanted. As luck would have it, we found a field, a perfect little clearing and a farm house. Perfect.

From the homestead we found, we walked into a large field, surrounded by tress with leaves touched by fall.

Just look at the details that Christina and Cal pulled together. ¬†Seriously — you guys really outdid yourselves!!¬†

Perfect tree, perfect picnic, perfect couple . . .

From the picnic, we grabbed the bottle and went for a walk up through a forested area into the farmer’s field beyond to look for a sunset.

How utterly perfect!

Such a fun afternoon, Christina and Cal. We can’t wait for your wedding next spring!!


Alyssa + Devan {Doctor’s House Wedding Photography Peek}

We wanted to share just a quick peek at Alyssa and Devan’s military wedding at The Doctor’s House in Kleinburg. We were enthralled with the traditions, spectacle and pomp. Just wait until you see what these two pulled off with the help of their friends, family and brothers in arms — a sword arch, a bottle dance, a birch tree Chuppah raised right before our eyes, some caricatures and even an outfit change!

In the meantime, a little bit of Alyssa and Devan to tide you over . . .


Kaila + Jeff {Fermenting Cellar Wedding Photography}

Kaila and Jeff were married on one of the most gorgeous days of the summer at the Fermenting Cellar in the Distillery District. Naomi started the day at Kaila and Jeff’s place with Kaila and her bridal party, documenting all the beautiful details that Kaila carefully selected.

Kaila picked an absolutely beautiful dress that fit her perfectly!

Meanwhile, over at the King Edward Hotel, Jeff and the guys were getting ready (and doing a little last minute speech writing).

The King Edward certainly provided a great backdrop for the guys.

If you haven’t noticed yet, Chris, Jeff’s best man and MC, is our San Francisco groom from a few years ago. At Chris’s wedding, Chris was given a very nice bottle of rye (something that can be in short supply in California!). To extend the tradition, Jeff, Chris and the rest of the guys settled in for a toast with another fine bottle before heading off to the venue.

Back at Kaila and Jeff’s house, the girls were finishing up their prep…

The mirror above Kaila and Jeff’s mantle provided for some interesting reflections.

And off to the venue. What a perfect fairy-tale set-up!

Jeff’s reaction to seeing Kaila is priceless. This is why we love to do what we do . . . true emotion. That we get to help people remember moments like these is amazing!

Could Jeff’s parents look any happier or more proud?!

After a few family pictures against the iconic bricks of the Distillery District, we took Kaila and Jeff, along with their bridal party away for some pictures. We want you to pay close attention to what the guys were doing while we were setting up a few shots of the girls.

To be fair, we just took a little bit more time than necessary to set-up the guys . . . somebody had to give the girls a chance to get to the Greg’s!

With just a moment of time, the girls were able to empty the last few delicious spoonfuls.

Kaila and Jeff arranged their day to set aside over an hour for us to wander around the Distillery to take some photos of them dressed to kill. Although we’ve shot in the Distillery before, we took some time to plan a route that took us away from the masses. To give Kaila and Jeff a little time alone.

While shooting, the sun passed behind a perfectly-placed cloud, its light diffused through the cloud and reflecting on the reddish brick behind us to create this perfectly sun-tinted photo of Kaila and Jeff striking a pose.

We wanted to avoid the main drag at the Distillery as it can get pretty busy on any day of the week. We had found this more out of the way area, complete with its own Distillery sign.

The Fermenting Cellar is such a unique space. The industrial chic venue really complemented Kaila and Jeff’s reception decor!

Once the speeches were over, Kaila and Jeff skipped the traditional first dance so that their friends and family could get right to the party. The purple and yellow lights at the Fermenting Cellar really came to life when they killed the houselights.

Near the end of the night, we set Jeff and Kaila’s rings up on some of the old industrial gears left in the Fermenting Cellar. We love the bright ring and dark metal gears.

Thanks for trusting us to document your day!

peek feature

Amanda + Jeff {Pinestone (Haliburton) Wedding Photography Peek}

Despite the surprising appearance of summer (finally) on the first official weekend of fall, we were knee-deep in beautiful colours (not just on the trees — wait until you see Jeff’s Serge!) at Pinestone in Haliburton where we documented Amanda and Jeff’s wedding.

Of note, particularly to Jeff’s mom, Jeff snuck in his RCMP Serge for his first dance with Amanda as a big surprise! (make sure you click on these to see them full sized!)

Much more to come — emotion, fun with family and friends, and Pinestone beautifully decked out (great job, Jessie)!!

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Nadine + Garry {Donalda Club Wedding Photography Peek}

There were friends and family from Ireland, Australia, and the East Coast. There was a gorgeous dress, and a ridiculously dapper suit. There was high-fashion art and a garden ceremony with monarch butterflies. There was a sweet table piled with chocolates from the old country, a rustic barn for photos, and a party that went until . . . let’s just say the wee hours.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, there was also a beautiful field and an almost perfect sunset. Here are just a few from Nadine and Garry’s wedding. . .

Much more to come!

post feature

Stephanie + Matthew {The Doctor’s House Wedding}

Some wedding days are frantic and full of excited and nervous energy. Some are relaxed and full of anticipation. Steph and Matt’s wedding fell into the latter camp. From the time we arrived at the hotel where they were getting ready, there was a sense of calm. Don’t get us wrong, there were tons of smiles, laughter, and excitement, but these two were so ready to take the plunge. Together.

Steph is gorgeous. With makeup, without makeup. It doesn’t matter. And she’s got great taste — loving the very classic accessories she chose.

Meanwhile, Matt was getting into his formal kit. We adore the pocketwatch that Steph got him as a wedding gift.

This little lady, Steph’s niece, stole our hearts. She was so full of beans, and (later) hammed it up for our cameras.

A few helping hands — Steph’s mom pinning her dress and her step-dad helping with her necklace.

So beautiful, Steph.

Steph and Matt opted not to see each other before Steph walked down the aisle. This just meant more time with their bridal parties on the beautiful grounds of the Doctor’s House. And some hiding to make sure that Steph and Matt didn’t inadvertently see each other.

At last it was time…

One of our favorite sets from the day. Such a heartfelt reaction. Exactly what you should be feeling.

A big hand to Matt’s military buddies who formed the sword arch for Steph and Matt’s exit from the chapel.

With the bridal party and family photos out of the way, we headed off to document some quiet moments with these two.

The light and reflections for Steph and Matt’s first dance were amazing. Too romantic.

Steph and Matt — thanks for being so laid back and in love. And for trusting us to document your day.


Lisa + Stephen {Lakeside Engagement Photography}

A few of our favorites from Lisa and Stephen’s late summer lakeside engagement shoot. These two are so adorable all snuggled up together!


Cat + Rachel {Sunnybrook Estates and Bowling Wedding Peek}

We first met Rachel and Cat at one of Toronto’s bridal shows a year and a half ago. It was at a slow point in the evening, so we were both able to take some time to talk with Rachel and Cat. We told them a little about us and how we work, showed them a few samples. We had a chance to ask them about what they do, what their plans were. It was comfortable and fun. It was perfect. When they walked away we wished and wished that they’d trust us to shoot their wedding. And, to our delight, they did!

Over the next year and a half, over a couple of coffees, an epic sunrise engagement shoot (including more coffee) in High Park, a marvellous breakfast and a couple of dinners we really got the chance to get to know Cat and Rachel. These two are amazing. If you have them in your life, you know that you are very lucky.

From jumping on the beds at the Old Mill where Cat and Rachel decided to get ready, the sense of anticipation through the walls of their two suites, a first look where we struggled to keep our own tears at bay so that we could focus the cameras, bowling with their bridal party, to a heartfelt ceremony and a party that raged until they turned on the lights at Sunnybrook, it was such an unforgettable day.

Cat and Rachel are off on their honeymoon shortly, but we wanted to make sure that we shared a few images before they got on the plane! Bon voyage, you two . . .

feature ii

Erika + Wes {Classic Car Wedding Photography Peek}

Champion. Wes Champion. That’s right — he loves 007 and classic cars. Erika is as stunning as a Bond girl, but also creative — her DIY wedding details were amazing! How could we resist posting a few of our favorites of Wes and Erika with ’67 Mustang?! We couldn’t.

So much more to come of Erika and Wes’ wedding. Classic car and DIY lovers stay tuned!


Alyssa + Devan {Etienne Brule Engagement Photography}

These two are having a busy year — new house and new best friend this summer (meet Archer, their half lab, half husky rescue puppy!). And they’re getting married this fall. With all the busy-ness, Alyssa and Devan decided on something a bit more relaxing for their engagement shoot — a walk in the park with Archer at sunset. A few of our favorites…

[That's right -- Archer dressed up. Check out the bow tie!!]

Looking forward to your wedding at The Doctor’s House this fall!

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