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Adrienne + Michael {Fermenting Cellar + Trinity Bellwoods Wedding Photography Peek}

With the snow coming down outside, we’re thinking back fondly to a late fall afternoon not so long ago with bright sky and gorgeous leaves. That day, Adrienne and Michael tied the knot in a traditional ceremony at the stunning St. Nicholas Ukrainian Church, wandered about Trinity Bellwoods Park and the Distillery District with their families and bridal parties, and hosted an outstanding bash at the Fermenting Cellar. Their day was, simply put, gorgeous, and we had such great time with Adrienne and Michael. We couldn’t wait to share a few of our favorite portraits from the park and the Distillery. . .

So much more to come!


Kathryn + Alex {Riverdale Farm Engagement Photography}

When we talked with Kathryn and Alex about their fall engagement shoot, they were full of great ideas. A stop at Red Rooster for a coffee, a walk around Riverdale Farm, some pumpkins and some fall colours. Check, check, check, and check!

Having walked around Riverdale Farms earlier to plan our route, we knew that we HAD to use the big barn as a textured backdrop.

You’ll also quickly notice the other main ingredient in their engagement shoot . . . fun! Alex most certainly supplied the zany. He knew exactly what to do to get Kathryn to break into laughter at any given moment. Alex described this as his Halloween walk:

It didn’t take much convincing to move from the fun to the romantic. These two just fit together perfectly!

Our next stop, the old farm house and its crumbling stone wall. Perfect for a romantic moment.

We just adore the colours and the golden sunset:

Of course, we also adore Kathryn and Alex’s playfulness. Having fun at sunset on a late fall Sunday is the best.

Alex loves and plays ice hockey. Even when we first met Kathryn and Alex, Alex planted the idea that he wanted to include hockey in their engagement shoot in some way. Check!

Of course, Kathryn wearing Alex’s jersey gave Alex even more of a license to goof about. The full contact version:

Thanks for such a fun fall afternoon, Kathryn and Alex. We can’t wait for next June!

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Erika + Wes {Classic Car and DIY Wedding Photography}

From our first meeting with Erika and Wes, we knew that their fun-loving natures and creativity would result in a wedding day full of laughter and unique, personal details. So many smiles; so much DIY (everything from Erika’s shoes, to signs for her bridemaids, to adorable pet-inspired table settings); and so many fun elements for the guys (super hero gear, and a classic car).

The days started at Erika and Wes’ house with Erika and her bridal party. While they were having hair and make up done, we spent some time with her dress. We knew we wanted to highlight some of its details — so elegant and beautiful.

Can’t find shoes to perfectly match your wedding colour? No problem (if you’re Erika that is). Erika hand-painted these and added all the sparkly details that you could want. Perfection!

Erika, you’re not even ready yet and you look stunning!

Love the vintage glam red nails and lipstick.

Meanwhile, at Wes’ mom’s house . . .

The moment we realized that there was a photo of teenage Wes available, well, this photo sort of just took itself:

It was time for Erika’s sister and friends to help her lace up that gorgeous dress.

The guys travelled to the ceremony in an amazing classic car — a cherry red ’67 Mustang.

So debonaire. So definitely James Bond-like.

All dressed up with no place to go? Just because Snowball and Pebbles weren’t able to make the ceremony and reception doesn’t mean that they weren’t super excited to celebrate Erika and Wes’ big day.

Such a fun idea! Chalkboard signs so that each bride’s maid could spell out how she met Erika or describe their relationship.

So pretty, Erika. Loving the birdcage veil.

Erika carefully planned every DIY detail of her day. The results: a classic venue and details made with love.

Now for the main event, with happy tears…

Something classic and editorial . . .

These shirts are awesome for lovers of all things superhero. . .

Bridesmaids. . .

With the ceremony and family and bridal photos taken care of, we whisked Erika and Wes away for a few romantic and playful shots together.

Such an awesome day, Erika and Wes!


Laura + Mark {Bluffer’s Park Engagement Photography}

With the cooler weather setting in and it getting dark *so* much early in the evenings, it seems hard to believe that it was only a few short weeks ago that we were walking around Bluffer’s Park with Laura and Mark on a warm(ish) sunny fall afternoon. Laura and Mark were so fun to work with — from the first location under the weeping willows onward, they spent most of their time cuddling and laughing together.

From under the Bluffs, we headed to the other side of the park to the expansive fields and beach.

With the sun getting lower in the sky, the glow on Laura and Mark in the field and on the beach was gorgeous …

Stunning, Laura.

Such a great afternoon getting to know you two. Can’t wait to document your wedding next spring at the Toronto Hunt Club!


Olia + Adam {Berkeley Church Wedding Photography Peek}

The October Wedding. That’s what they called their movie-inspired day. It was certainly aptly named — as we mentioned before, the way Olia met Adam should definitely form the basis of a romantic comedy (get writing Adam). And their October wedding, the ending of (this part of) their story did not disappoint. It started with a straight shave for Adam and the guys in Leslieville, while Olia and her sisters got ready at a salon on Queen West and at the Shangri-La. Adam waited for Olia at Cherry Beach for their first look with dramatic dark clouds rolling in. The rain even held off for the photos (for the most part anyway). Olia and Adam tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony and hosted a fabulous reception at Berkeley Church. And, as is typical with these two and their group of friends, they partied. It was epic.

We have so much to share from this amazing day, but, in the meantime, we couldn’t resist posting a few of Olia and Adam after their emotional first look on the beach and during their romantic first dance…


Kelly + Mike + Maty {A Sunday Sleep In, Family Photography}

You’ll remember Kelly, Mike and Maty from their family shoot last year down at Kew Beach. Decked out in Hudson’s Bay gear, we played in the leaves and went for a walk on the boardwalk. After the shoot, Kelly turned her favourite pics into Christmas cards for family and friends.

This year for their Christmas cards, Kelly and Mike wanted to do something new. Something cozy and warm. Something fluffy . . .

Maty’s energy was incredible. It didn’t take long for the still of a quiet Sunday morning with the paper to turn into a wrestling match / tickle fight.

Seriously, name a better way to spend a Sunday morning other than jumping on the bed!

Once Maty had tired herself out she was more than game to sit for some of our cutest family photos of the year…

We wanted to end the post today with four portraits of the most important people / things in the house . . .

We had a blast shooting this perfectly cozy Sunday morning. Same time next year??


Deidre + Jesse {Up-Inspired Engagement Photography}

Hold on tight — we’re headed to Paradise Falls! If you haven’t seen the movie Up yet, go rent it, download it, whatever you have to do. Just watch it. We challenge you not to tear up in the first ten minutes. Neither of us has succeeded yet and we own it on DVD (ahem, right, it’s a good thing Mark was wearing 3d glasses).

When we first met Deidre and Jesse, they told us about their Up-inspired engagement. The amount of effort Jesse expended in thinking through all the details and creating their Adventure Book made us melt. We knew we had to be Deidre and Jesse’s photographers and we also knew they had to use some of their beautiful details for their engagement shoot.

Deidre and Jesse are lovers of road trips so this map cut out was so perfectly them!

Alright, a little Up plot (for those of you haven’t seen the film) to put these next few images in context. Ellie and Carl meet as youngsters, drawn together by their shared sense of adventure and admiration for Charles Muntz, an explorer whose slogan is “Adventure is out there!”. Ellie expresses her dream to move their club house to “Paradise Falls” in South America. It’s not without coincidence that Deidre and Jesse selected Belfountain, complete with its own waterfall, as the location for their engagement shoot.

Over time, Ellie and Carl’s feelings for each other grow stronger and, at one point, after sharing some grape soda, Ellie pins one of the bottle caps on Carl.

Colourful balloons lead to adventure later in life in Up. We have no doubt that these two have only just started their adventures together.

Deidre and Jesse’s playfulness and laughter is so infectious. Paper airplane wars anyone?!

Deidre and Jesse — you two are awesome!! We had such a great time with you in Belfountain. Ellie and Carl would approve.

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Christina + Cal {Rustic Fall Engagement Photography}

We first met Christina and Cal on a snowy, cold day last February. Cozy with a coffee, we chatted away the evening. The next time we met couldn’t have been more different. Crisp beautiful leaves in stunning hues. Warm fall sun (probably as nice as any day all summer). A Bay blanket. A bottle of bubbly. Cupcakes. Sunflowers and balloons. Christina and Cal let us know they wanted to shoot their engagement session over a picnic with a wide field and a little forest. Christina also asked us if it would be possible to shoot around a farmhouse.

We took a nice Sunday drive to look for somewhere to give Christina and Cal what they wanted. As luck would have it, we found a field, a perfect little clearing and a farm house. Perfect.

From the homestead we found, we walked into a large field, surrounded by tress with leaves touched by fall.

Just look at the details that Christina and Cal pulled together. ¬†Seriously — you guys really outdid yourselves!!¬†

Perfect tree, perfect picnic, perfect couple . . .

From the picnic, we grabbed the bottle and went for a walk up through a forested area into the farmer’s field beyond to look for a sunset.

How utterly perfect!

Such a fun afternoon, Christina and Cal. We can’t wait for your wedding next spring!!


Alyssa + Devan {Doctor’s House Wedding Photography Peek}

We wanted to share just a quick peek at Alyssa and Devan’s military wedding at The Doctor’s House in Kleinburg. We were enthralled with the traditions, spectacle and pomp. Just wait until you see what these two pulled off with the help of their friends, family and brothers in arms — a sword arch, a bottle dance, a birch tree Chuppah raised right before our eyes, some caricatures and even an outfit change!

In the meantime, a little bit of Alyssa and Devan to tide you over . . .


Kaila + Jeff {Fermenting Cellar Wedding Photography}

Kaila and Jeff were married on one of the most gorgeous days of the summer at the Fermenting Cellar in the Distillery District. Naomi started the day at Kaila and Jeff’s place with Kaila and her bridal party, documenting all the beautiful details that Kaila carefully selected.

Kaila picked an absolutely beautiful dress that fit her perfectly!

Meanwhile, over at the King Edward Hotel, Jeff and the guys were getting ready (and doing a little last minute speech writing).

The King Edward certainly provided a great backdrop for the guys.

If you haven’t noticed yet, Chris, Jeff’s best man and MC, is our San Francisco groom from a few years ago. At Chris’s wedding, Chris was given a very nice bottle of rye (something that can be in short supply in California!). To extend the tradition, Jeff, Chris and the rest of the guys settled in for a toast with another fine bottle before heading off to the venue.

Back at Kaila and Jeff’s house, the girls were finishing up their prep…

The mirror above Kaila and Jeff’s mantle provided for some interesting reflections.

And off to the venue. What a perfect fairy-tale set-up!

Jeff’s reaction to seeing Kaila is priceless. This is why we love to do what we do . . . true emotion. That we get to help people remember moments like these is amazing!

Could Jeff’s parents look any happier or more proud?!

After a few family pictures against the iconic bricks of the Distillery District, we took Kaila and Jeff, along with their bridal party away for some pictures. We want you to pay close attention to what the guys were doing while we were setting up a few shots of the girls.

To be fair, we just took a little bit more time than necessary to set-up the guys . . . somebody had to give the girls a chance to get to the Greg’s!

With just a moment of time, the girls were able to empty the last few delicious spoonfuls.

Kaila and Jeff arranged their day to set aside over an hour for us to wander around the Distillery to take some photos of them dressed to kill. Although we’ve shot in the Distillery before, we took some time to plan a route that took us away from the masses. To give Kaila and Jeff a little time alone.

While shooting, the sun passed behind a perfectly-placed cloud, its light diffused through the cloud and reflecting on the reddish brick behind us to create this perfectly sun-tinted photo of Kaila and Jeff striking a pose.

We wanted to avoid the main drag at the Distillery as it can get pretty busy on any day of the week. We had found this more out of the way area, complete with its own Distillery sign.

The Fermenting Cellar is such a unique space. The industrial chic venue really complemented Kaila and Jeff’s reception decor!

Once the speeches were over, Kaila and Jeff skipped the traditional first dance so that their friends and family could get right to the party. The purple and yellow lights at the Fermenting Cellar really came to life when they killed the houselights.

Near the end of the night, we set Jeff and Kaila’s rings up on some of the old industrial gears left in the Fermenting Cellar. We love the bright ring and dark metal gears.

Thanks for trusting us to document your day!

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