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Lieu + David {Pinestone Winter Engagement}

With spring almost upon us, we wanted to share one last wintery shoot from this year — Lieu and David’s stunning walk around the grounds of Pinestone Resort in the snow.

Lieu and David are very passionate about photography. So much so that they decided to do not one, but two engagement shoots with us. Their first engagement shoot was at sunrise last spring in cherry blossom season. This one couldn’t have been more different, but equally beautiful. Lieu and David decided to wear traditional Ao Dai and then change into formal wear. The vibrant red and yellow colours of the Ao Dai on the snowy background (and with the snow falling) were just magical.

Lieu — you look absolutely gorgeous.

David is interested in the creation of unique images so we came up with a few ideas for this shoot that we thought he’d enjoy.

Something a little more classic…

Love these cuff links — Lieu and David’s zodiac signs.

Lieu walking through the snowy pine pathway looks incredible!

When we found this tree on our scout, we knew we wanted to use it. That is if Lieu and David could wade through the knee to waist deep snow to get there. They were more than willing to give it a shot. And it was *so* worth it.

Thanks for another amazing shoot, you two. We can’t wait for your wedding in May!


Ashley + Chad {Engagement Photography}

Our few of our favorites from a late fall engagement shoot with Ashley, Chad and Bentley in Withrow Park out in Leslieville . . .

We were slightly concerned that a shoot so late in the season would end up with bare trees and a grey tone. We couldn’t have been *more* wrong. Look at the colours! Of course it didn’t take Ashley, Chad and Bentley long to get into the spirit of the shoot. Just look at the smiles and the love!

We try our best to get our couples to relax and enjoy themselves – to have a little fun on a cool Sunday afternoon. Tell me that these two aren’t enjoying themselves!

We had taken a walk around the park the week before our shoot. When we found this willow Naomi just knew we had to work it in to the setting sun!

Look at how much fun these two are having . . .

You guys make this soooooo easy!

If we haven’t made it clear yet, we loved your outfits!

One more romantic photo to close out. See you soon, sleep tight!


Laura + Brad {Engagement Photography}

When we met Laura and Brad at Pinestone Resort last winter, conversation came easily — time flew by as we chatted about their dog, their wedding, the outdoors, photography, and travel at vintage vinyl night hosted at the Pinestone bar. A few weeks ago, we met up with Laura and Brad for some hiking on the Bruce Trail in Acton with their adorable dog, Darby. We’ve said it before, but we really mean it, it’s so important that our couples pick meaningful locations and activities for their engagement shoots. Despite some nerves beforehand at being in front of our cameras, comfortable in one of their favorite places doing something that they enjoy doing together, Laura and Brad relaxed almost immediately and let us capture them as they are together.

Love, love, loved Laura’s yellow rain boots for the wet trail.

Brad couldn’t resist making Laura laugh. Perhaps not conventionally super romantic, but the unexpected wet willy was hilarious!

Darby wanted in on the love and tried to claim his spot with Laura and Brad on the blanket…

Laura made these cute props for the shoot.

A little behind the scenes scoop on Darby. As you can see, he’s pretty in love with Laura and Brad. And he likes to play. No sooner did Laura and Brad put the letters and heart down, Darby thought it was time for him to hold the heart, in his mouth. Chewing and slobbering *all* over it. No, Darby!!! Ah well. You get lemons, make lemonade. We learned that we could use the heart as a stand in for a treat to get Darby to sit or stay (see Brad’s right hand).

The stand of poplars suited a vintage feel…

Go team!

Darby, you’re going to make an excellent ring dog at the wedding!

We’re really looking forward to spending more time with you guys and meeting your family and friends at your wedding next weekend at Pinestone!

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Rachel + Cat {Engagement Photography}

It was early. Like 5:30 in the morning early (some of you are asking: is that actually morning?). We don’t usually get up at that hour either. But we always will for the right photo. Rachel and Cat, who are absolutely awesome, had grand plans for their save the date cards (which we’re not blogging yet — it’s a secret — you’ll just have to wait to see them). We needed perfect light and an empty High Park to realize their idea so we made lattes and got treats for us all (caffeine and chocolate always help get us out of bed) and met up with Rachel and Cat in the High Park parking lot to start our day.

After shooting the epic, oh-so-perfectly Rachel and Cat save the date images (can you tell that we’re bursting with excitement?!), we headed down by the river for some pretty shots under the willows, with a vintage twist.

This shot was a stark contrast, but nice pop of colour…

Further north in the park…

Rachel and Cat *love* travel. The first voicemail we received from Rachel ended with “We’re going to be in Columbia for the next week or so, but we can touch base after that.” During our first coffee with them (after they returned from Columbia), Rachel and Cat started to tell us their stories and we could see the excitement in their shared adventures together. They were perfect for each other and, for us, they were kindred spirits. We couldn’t have been happier when they chose to trust us with their wedding.

Not surprisingly, Rachel and Cat wanted part of their shoot to showcase their love of travel. We were *so* excited when they pulled the vintage suitcases from their trunk.

We’re convinced that in every relationship there is someone who is slowing down the travel team. For us, it was Naomi when she worked at the law firm. Mark would pack Naomi’s bag and she would miss revised departure time after missed departure times (still at her desk, finishing up). We all have our reasons, but just guess who in this duo is holding up the team …

Cat is in charge of the passports… for sure…

Barbados, anyone?

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Rachel and Cat pulled their masks, snorkels, and flippers out of the suitcases. It was priceless (we haven’t showcased the shots of them in their masks and snorkels — you’re going to have to ask them yourselves to see those photos!).

Cat proposed with this beautiful ring; Rachel got her this watch.

Can’t wait for your wedding next year, Rachel and Cat. It’s going to be awesome!


Olena + James {Engagement Photography}

Olena and James are travelers, foodies, and wine aficionados. They’re also renovating their first house. Needless to say, we get along just fine! We met up with Olena and James after Olena’s high tea bridal shower at the Old Mill. Less flowers and gardens, we spent a couple of hours with Olena and James between columns, under bridges, and in the reeds…

Olena and James had a whole variety of looks for us . . . look at this coy smile:

The light filtering through the gaps in the bridge was *amazing*. So dramatic.

We had looked around the grounds to find something different than the bridges and columns and had struck gold with the reeds.  Watching Olena and James give us their best pose and then break in laughter together was certainly a highlight of the day for us!

One more in the light of the setting sun to wrap things up.  How great are these two at fitting together just perfectly??

Psyched for your wedding this fall at the Berkeley Church, not to mention the ride on the PCC Streetcar!


Erin + Adam {Engagement Photography}

Erin and Adam are getting married this weekend (!!!) so we thought we’d share a few images from their fabulous engagement shoot in Toronto’s Fashion District — the neighbourhood they now both call home.

Our love affair with (love affairs on) fire escapes will never end…

Even in the edgy, bustling Fashion District, we found somewhere soft and light so Erin and Adam could pull each other close.

Down an alley, around a hedge, in front of a Weslodge for a punch of lemon.

Don’t you miss seeing movement step-by-step on a film strip? You still can…

Our last stop of the day was the Bathurst Street bridge. So gritty, edgy, and urban. Perfect for Erin and Adam who can strike a pose or pull each other close for something a lot more romantic!

Looking forward to your wedding this weekend — 2 more sleeps!


Cheryl + Paul {Engagement Photography}

Cheryl is from New York; Paul from the east coast. Together, they now live in Toronto while Paul finishes up his MBA. And they’re getting married. Very soon (less than a month from now!) at the absolutely gorgeous Estates of Sunnybrook. We can’t wait.

For their engagement shoot, Cheryl and Paul decided on their weekend bike-riding destination: Evergreen Brickworks. Perfectly personal and a great blend of the urban and more natural landscape…

Cheryl and Paul — thanks for a fun afternoon! We’ll see you both soon!

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Victoria + John {Engagement Photography}

We met Victoria and John for the first time at Jimmy’s Coffee on Portland — delicious treats and fun magazines for browsing if you’ve never been. Actually, that’s not true. Naomi met Victoria and John for the first time at a wedding show where John actually said that he thought all photographers were the same (we’re totally not letting you live that down, John). Victoria looked at John incredulously and emphatically disagreed. A little over an hour later, after a tour of the show, Victoria and John were back for another visit to our booth and John admitted that Victoria was absolutely right. Of course, she was. As if there were any doubt.

Back to Jimmy’s though. Conversation came easily. Mark and John discussed football, especially John’s beloved Cincinnati Bengals. We thought that we might have convinced John to get Who Dey as the ring bearer for the wedding or at least to dress up as Who Dey for part of their engagement shoot. Sadly, or sensibly some may say, he declined. Victoria and Naomi chatted about Victoria’s masters program, which she’s incredibly passionate about — while working full time in Toronto, she’s flying back and forth to California to finish up her degree. Victoria and John shared their relaxed, easy going approach to their wedding. That sounded just perfect to us.

A little more background: John is from Toronto; Victoria is originally from Montreal. While during our first conversations they denied any Toronto-Montreal rivalry, when they showed up for their engagement shoot with Leafs and Habs t-shirts, we knew it was on. To all staunch Leaf or Hab fans: in the end, this post contains evidence that Leafs and Habs fans can be friends after all. In fact, we’ll just say it: goofing around together came naturally to these two and their chemistry was fabulous.

We had a few areas picked out at the Bluffs for a variety of looks. This clearing in the forest was perfect for the start of something a little more cozy and romantic.

There are good shadows and bad shadows. Or at least that’s what we think. We love the way these shadows from the scraggly branches fell on John and Victoria.

We had found some pretty driftwood with the gorgeous Bluffs in the background during our scout. The light was just perfect.

After the beach, off we wandered to the prettiest part of the park — where the beach juts out in front of the dramatic Bluffs — for some quiet moments.

Victoria — just wow…

Crossing back from the beach, we headed out onto the rocks for some final shots of Victoria and John in the setting sun.

Thanks for such a relaxed afternoon, Victoria and John. Looking forward to your wedding in a few short weeks at Copper Creek Golf Club!


Michele + Jesse {Engagement Photography}

Before Michele and Jesse hired us to shoot their wedding, we had actually taken photos of them. Does this make us sound creepy? Like we were hiding the bushes or something? Okay, let’s clarify. Jesse was the MC at Katie and Mitch’s wedding last summer in NOTL. He did a fabulous job telling jokes and delivering heartfelt words and so we had dozens of photos of him by the end of the night. We also noticed (keen-eyed, storytellers that we are) that between Jesse’s MC-ing duties he always gravitated back to an absolutely beautiful woman who clearly, by the way he looked at her, meant the world to him. And, by the way she looked at and danced with him, the feeling was absolutely dreamily mutual. Of course, the night ended, and we filed those tidbits away with the rest of our memories of the night. That is, until a couple of months later when we got an email from Jesse, asking us to shoot his wedding to Michele this year. Yes!

Fast forward nine months and it was finally time to shoot these two on a day that was all about them. We met Michele and Jesse at their fantastic condo before heading down to the lake for a picnic and afternoon of biking.

Michele and Jesse share our love of cats so these 3D hologram cat cards made us smile.

Jesse could totally make Michele erupt in laughter. We’re dying to know what he was saying. Probably best left as their own little secret though.

I feel like we could say this again and again and again this shoot — gorgeous, Michele, seriously.

Please don’t rain on their picnic! That’s what we were thinking as the first few drops started to fall. After a few spatters (that you can see on Jesse’s shirt), thankfully the rain stopped.

Blue bike meet red bike. The way these two look at each other gets us *every* time.

The soft, diffused light of the overcast afternoon down by the water was amazing. Makes you want to curl up together.

Can’t believe we waited this long to comment on Michele’s boots and crocheted shawl–love the look and texture…

Summer is definitely for picnics and bike riding with the one you love. Michele and Jesse — thanks for such a fun afternoon. Your wedding this year is going to be epic!


Jordana + Shawn {Engagement Photography}

In just a few short weeks, Jordana and Shawn are getting married at the hidden gem that is the Burroughs Building, the former department store / carpet warehouse now gallery and event space at Queen and Bathurst. We always scout wedding venues in preparation for the big day (even when we’ve shot there before). When Shawn asked to start the shoot there after their meeting that day, we were certainly game. We even had a few minutes to take a couple of shots using the iconic Burroughs sign.

Jordana’s booties were *fantastic*. Naomi’s still not sure why she hasn’t bought a pair yet!

Jordana and Shawn were keen to have some of their shoot be urban and edgy, but they still wanted to be true to their relationship, which is playful and cuddly. Sounds like a challenge? Nah — we were in the perfect neighbourhood for that. You’ve got to love some of the quieter sections of graffiti alley for some colourful but tender moments. And some kidding around.

We moved from Queen West to a secret green space in the city, shaded by mature trees.

These next few are some of our favorites from the day. Despite the fact that it was a warm, sunny day, the tress created amazing shadows and dark, moody light.

Gorgeous, Jordana!

One last stop and wardrobe change as the sun was setting — our favorite time of the day to shoot.

Can’t wait for your wedding (and can’t believe how soon it is)!

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