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Lisa + Stephen {Lakeside Engagement Photography}

A few of our favorites from Lisa and Stephen’s late summer lakeside engagement shoot. These two are so adorable all snuggled up together!


Alyssa + Devan {Etienne Brule Engagement Photography}

These two are having a busy year — new house and new best friend this summer (meet Archer, their half lab, half husky rescue puppy!). And they’re getting married this fall. With all the busy-ness, Alyssa and Devan decided on something a bit more relaxing for their engagement shoot — a walk in the park with Archer at sunset. A few of our favorites…

[That's right -- Archer dressed up. Check out the bow tie!!]

Looking forward to your wedding at The Doctor’s House this fall!

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Adrienne + Michael {Engagement Photography at Home}

Put your favorite record on and snuggle up on your couch with your love. If you have more than one favorite record, play two. Sounds like a great rainy afternoon, doesn’t it? That’s precisely what Adrienne and Michael did for their engagement photos. Cozy, comfy, romantic, and so personal.

With the rain subsiding, Adrienne and Michael headed down to the park on the Lake.

Thanks for such a fun and relaxed afternoon, you two. Looking forward to your fall wedding at the Fermenting Cellar!

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Jamie + Simon {Rustic Chic Engagement Photography}

When Jamie first wrote to us about planning her engagement shoot, she told us she was looking for something glamourous but rustic. We were definitely excited about this. Getting all dressed up for a romantic picnic sounded like an excellent plan to us. We had the perfect place in mind — down a trail, with tall grasses and a breeze off the lake — only a short walk away.

As we started off down the path, it was immediately clear just how at ease Jamie and Simon are in each other’s company. And it only takes a quick glance between the two of them to spark smiles.

Love the back of Jamie’s dress — so pretty.

All the elements of a perfect glam picnic — cosy blankets and pillows, a bottle of Moet & Chandon’s pink bubbles, a box of gorgeous pastel macarons.

With the sun starting to set, Jamie and Simon packed up their picnic and Jamie quickly changed into another stunning dress. These two snuggled perfectly into each other for some last shots in the soft light. Gorgeous, Jamie and Simon.

Thanks to you both for all of your planning and prep for the shoot. It’s not long until your big day now! Looking forward to seeing you both soon!

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Nadine + Garry {Distillery District Engagement Photography}

These two make us smile. Mostly because they make each other smile. Big time. And laugh. Sometimes this devolves into fits of adorable giggles (yes, we’re looking at you Nadine). Nadine and Garry decided to keep it personal for their engagement shoot with some casual, relaxed time in their new home in the Distillery before heading out on the town to the location where they first met.

No better place to start than Nadine and Garry’s balcony with a gorgeous view of the cityscape. Perfect for hanging out together after work…

Snuggled in for portraits and some reflections.

A quick change of clothes and we were ready to head out. Love these images set between the pillars. Perhaps we love Nadine’s shoes even more? We don’t know how you navigated the cobblestone paths in those, Nadine, but it was *soooo* worth it.

See — we weren’t kidding about the giggles.

At last we’ve arrived at the infamous P.J. O’Brien Pub, where Nadine and Garry first met. Nadine describes the evening as one where, although they were both out with separate groups of friends, there was “this guy who just wouldn’t stop talking to me.” Determination. We like that. Especially when it’s so clear that they’re a great match.

Back to the Distillery in the setting sun for a few more portraits…

What a fun evening! Looking forward to documenting your wedding this fall at Donalda Club!

feature iii

Kaila + Jeff {Ashbridges Bay Engagement Photography}

A few weeks ago, we spent an evening wandering around Ashbridges Bay Park with Kaila and Jeff. Off the beaten track, seemingly far away from the noisy din of the city, we found some secluded places for them to snuggle up and just be themselves together in front of our cameras.

Sunset by the marina. Kaila — you look gorgeous!

Such a beautiful evening with you two down by the water. Can’t wait for your wedding in a few short weeks!


Stephanie + Matthew {Cherry Beach Engagement Photography}

Stephanie and Matt didn’t tell us about the zombies. They brought zombies with them. In the back seat of their car. Yes, you heard that correctly. There were zombies at Cherry Beach at sunrise for their engagement shoot. Are you intrigued? Good. So were we.

Avid board game players, Stephanie and Matt introduced us to one of their favorite board games: Zombicide. The set up is elaborate and the competition between them fierce. We suspect we saw a somewhat softer side of their competitive streaks that morning though. Regardless, it was so much fun (and we, who are also lovers of board games, have another game to try out for ourselves)!

I don’t think the instructions provide for Abominations (the most mutated zombies who can only be killed with the most powerful weapons) kissing. But, it’s an engagement shoot, and so some rules can be broken.

Having destroyed all the zombies, the survivors had a quick outfit change and a walk along the beach. Stephanie was right at home by the water, being from the east coast originally. Although we didn’t get a true sunrise that morning, the beach was still and quiet and the light was fantastic. And Stephanie and Matt were so relaxed together that it was hard to take a shot where they didn’t look perfectly content and in love.

Thanks for an awesome early morning, you two. We can’t wait for your wedding at the Doctor’s House in just a few short weeks!


Olia + Adam {Brickworks Engagement Photography}

We first met Adam a few years ago when he was a groomsman at Chris and Miro‘s wedding in San Francisco. Adam has since recommended us to Katie and Mitch and Michele and Jesse. Adam and his friends are so much fun; we couldn’t have been more excited than when we learned that not only was Adam engaged, but that he wanted us to document his wedding to Olia.

Olia and Adam’s story is one for the digital age. Mutual friends of Olia and Adam’s suggested to Olia that Adam was an awesome guy so she sent him a Facebook message:

“I promise that I’m not a creep & I didn’t add you for no reason. Lisa’s always talking about how cool you are so I thought I’d facebook friend you – its not like we have to get married or anything.”

True story, Olia and Adam are engaged and getting married this Fall (and, as a result of Olia’s Facebook message, their story made the news – see #5!).

But let’s rewind for a moment. Not long after Olia’s message, Adam and Olia had their first date at Evergreen Brickworks. Adam brought a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses and together they climbed up to a point overlooking the grounds and sat and looked out and chatted. Just over a year later, Adam proposed at the same place. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway): there couldn’t be a more perfect spot for their engagement shoot than Brickworks.

We took an amble with Olia and Adam through the property, stopping at a lookout point on route to their spot.

It didn’t take much encouraging for these two to snuggle up together. We were happy to capture the love from a couple of different angles…

On our way again with some champagne and a couple of glasses . . .

Sit. Look out. Laugh. Whisper. Drink some champagne. Listen to your song. Perfect.

Olia and Adam have so much fun together.

And it doesn’t hurt that they’re quite the good looking couple!

Gorgeous, Olia!!

When we were out for a drink with Olia and Adam planning their engagement shoot, they mentioned that they love old-fashioned photobooths. They always making a point of stopping when they spot one to take a set of goofy photos together to commemorate…well, anything. While we couldn’t haul one of those booths to the Brickworks, we could set up a mini studio and shoot some Polaroids and behind the scenes photos. You certainly can’t do these poses in a booth!

[Yes, that is our background blowing over in the wind!]

The results:

After horsing around, we hiked up to the abandoned railway bridge to play on the tracks.

Almost the last shots of evening — in tribute to the end of the night party, sun-glass-wearing high jinks that we’ve witnessed at all of the weddings we’ve documented for Adam and Olia’s friends.

Can’t wait for your wedding at Berkeley Church this fall. We’ll have our sun glasses ready.


Leona + Matt {Engagement Photography}

The first time we met with Leona and Matt they shared their love of the outdoors, their dog, Jackson, and their Volkswagon Westafalia. For us, there’s nothing like an engagement shoot that incorporates all the things that our couple loves, so we knew that all of these elements had to figure prominently Leona and Matt’s engagement shoot. A couple of weekends ago, Leona and Matt drove their VW camper van to Rattlesnake Point for their engagement shoot with us, Jackson bounding out of the van as soon as the door opened.

With Leona and Matt’s love of the outdoors, we started out with a hike in the park, stopping in the shadows of some amazing rock faces.

Jackson loved our hike, but everyone needs a break once and awhile. Here he is supervising.

Hiking done, these two were adorable lying in the sun together.

Stunning, Leona. Really gorgeous.

Love these in between the hay bales.

We walked back to the VW, pausing to take a few photos of Leona and Matt in silhouette at the top of a hill.

We loved Leona and Matt’s camper van and hearing about their amazing adventures together travelling in it. You never know, there may be a VW Westafalia in our future sooner than we thought …

If you’re going to have a retro van, you should have at least one retro looking shot…

Alright, maybe two retro shots. We’ve shared our love of Polaroids and Instamax before and we just couldn’t resist taking a Polaroid shot of Leona and Matt and their VW…

Last photo of the day with perfect late afternoon sun.

Thanks so much for an awesome afternoon, Leona and Matt. And thanks especially for sharing all the camper van tips and for cooking us an amazing dinner. Can’t wait for your wedding at Miller Lash House in a few short weeks.


Stacie + Max {Engagement Photography}

In a few weeks, we’ll be with Stacie and Max on the beaches of Barbados. Capturing their family and friends celebrating their love. In the meantime, we set a date to meet up with Stacie and Max down at Sunnyside Pavilion, where they first met.
Just a short walk down to the waterfront, where Stacie and Max sat down on a lovely piece of drift wood and we documented them laughing and playing away the afternoon.

We felt pretty special, having been given the chance to document these two and all of their almost hidden gestures of love.
An audience?

Back up at the Pavilion, we knew we had to find a way to work in the bright colours.

How happy do these two look together?!

How cozy!

A little playfulness.

Although we spent most of our afternoon hamming it up with Stacie and Max, they were ready in an instant to turn it on!

With the sun setting over the lake, we turned back to the beach for a few last romantic shots.

Stacie, we promise it won’t be this cold in a few weeks!!

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