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Little White Dresses and Pretty Books {Fashion Photography}

Let’s face it — bookstores are just romantic. Escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Putting your iPhone, Smartphone, or other device aside for a few moments. Picking up a book, finding a quiet nook and skimming through a few pages. In seconds, you’re transported to a different world or lost in new concepts or ideas. Even better if you’re browsing for books with your special someone (we do this often — one of our first dates was wandering through the overflowing aisles of a used bookstore).

When we were looking for somewhere romantic and unique to showcase some of the gorgeous eco-friendly dresses by Little White Dress and vintage inspired accessories by The Loved One, we thought immediately of Ben McNally Books. There is no better place in the core to escape from the whir of the city. We had the opportunity to collaborate with an amazing creative team at Ben’s for the short afternoon shoot — Allie from Little White Dress; Antonia from the Loved One; Kathleen and Paola from Lush Brush Hair & Makeup; and Ellie, Ty, and Yulia, our models. A few of our favorite images …


Location: Ben McNally Books
Dresses: Little White Dress
Accessories: The Loved One
Hair and Makeup: Lush Brush Hair & Makeup
Models: Ellie, Ty, and Yulia
(Check out FB for a few more . . . )

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Taessa Chorny Atelier {Fashion Photography – Mirvish Villiage}

A creative woman should have a room of her own — to dream, to design, and, in Taessa’s case, to showcase and sell the beautiful fashion pieces that she’s created.

Taessa Chorny’s Atelier is now open in Mirvish Village! And we couldn’t be happier for her. Before the masses of friends and family descended to celebrate the Grand Opening of Taessa’s fabulous new space this summer, we took a few quiet minutes to document the renovated space and all the special details that Taessa has lovingly assembled to make the Atelier her own. It’s a beautiful, airy, fresh space so we thought that we’d share some of the photos with you to entice you to the Atelier if you haven’t been by yet.

Visit Taessa’s Atelier at 587 Markham Street in Mirvish Village, Toronto, reach her by email at [email protected], or check out her blog.

Congratulations, Taessa!!! So awesome!


Little.White.Dress {Fashion Photography}

We wanted to share a few of our favorite images with you from our shoot for Alexandra Wilson and Jessica van Enckevort, the designers of Little.White.Dress., to catalogue their most recent collection.

A bit about Little.White.Dress: Little.White.Dress is a bridal and evening wear collection for modern women with an aesthetic inspired by glamour from the past. Little.White.Dress.’s style challenges the shapeless and boring stigma attached to sustainable clothing. Their line explores the use of eco-friendly and re-purposed fabrics to create an elegant and sophisticated hand-crafted collection of dresses. Little.White.Dress. designs are made from a variety of alternative fabrics including repurposed, rescued, and all natural materials making them sustainable.

Allie and Jess are awesome — we love working with them. Keep an eye on the blog in upcoming months for editorial shots of their cocktail dress collection.

Like what you see? How could you not?! Visit Allie and Jess on Etsy, Facebook, or in person at the Arts Market in Leslieville.

Dresses: Little.White.Dress
Hair and Makeup: Lush Brush (Melissa Noelle and Kathleen Parker)
Models: Andrena Khan, Rowena Khan, and Alana
Location: Ooma Gallery

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Lululemon Ambassador Love {Tear Sheet}

We shot a spread for Sweat Equity magazine at Lululemon a few weeks ago. The magazine has just come out so we wanted to get up a tear sheet. Check out Sweat Equity and its sister mag. Sweat RX.
We had some time to talk with the star of the spread while we were shooting away. This guy is impressive. Ironman, directing running clinics, getting married!!!! As I understand, Michael just got back form his honeymoon; congratulations! He also has a great love of good photography (Richard Avedon to name one of a few we talked about). Hope you enjoyed being the centre of attention.

Abstract fashion

I’m a very very big fan of Helmut Newton’s photography. He always took his advertising or fashion assignments and injected them with his own darkness.
There isn’t any explicit sexuality to this photo, but I think the abstract nature of the photo does contain an implied sexuality. Nothing is 100% distinguishable except for the fact that it’s an extreme close-up of lips. Perhaps make-up copy ad?