Britt + Kyle {Malaparte Wedding Photography}

Pursuing their destiny together all the way from Saskatchewan, Britt and Kyle’s wedding was certainly the stuff of dreams. A morning surrounded by friends, an emotional first look, a sky-high wedding ceremony full of tears and laughs, a little late evening magic light and . . . well, why don’t we just show you . . .

Something blue.

Sparkles and bubbles! For those of you following along at home, please note the popcorn paired with the Dom.

Meanwhile, the guys were settling a little unfinished business (speech writing, as well as a few hands of cards).

Kyle’s reaction to seeing Britt was priceless.

Team red, 

And team blue,

Can’t resist sharing an outtake this cute

We just loved shooting in the light filled tent at Malaparte. Perfect for a late summer wedding.

And that view!

These two shared so much genuine heartfelt emotion.

Did we mention the view at Malaparte yet? Of course, as photographers, we couldn’t resist the skyline backdrop!


  1. Mike and Marianne Cooper

    We couldn’t make it to the wedding but these pictures capture the day and your love for each other. I love how your photos caught the day both physically but also radiated the emotions you both shared. Your happiness together makes us feel happy and excited for what your future will bring. Love you both.

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