Since I didn’t really have access to the internet while we were away, I was unable to post any of our travel photos or stories. Over the next few weeks I’ll post pictures from our trip as if I did have access to the internet. A post-trip travel blog, keeping pace with the original trip.

Day 1 and 2 Buenos Aires

We met the COO of GAP in the airport check in-line and had the good fortune of sitting with him in the lounge while we waited to board (after our traditional double rum and coke in the airport bar – calms the flying nerves). He was on his way to climb Aconcagua in Chile. He’s led quite the extraordinary life, working all around the globe. We’ll have to check in with him to see how the climb went. Aconcagua, as I understand it, can have very unforgiving weather.

We arrived in BsAs (as the cool kids say) after a long flight from Toronto to Santiago to BsAs. After a short cab ride into town, we found our way to 06 Soho Suites. A perfect pension. We had a gorgeous room on the second floor with a little balcony overlooking Cabrera and Thames. Soho Suites is run by Priscilla. She was a perfect example of how friendly and outgoing the Porteños can be.
As soon as we checked in we made a dash for empanadas and sangria at Finistra in Palermo. After sitting overnight on a plane, is there any better way to unwind than empanadas and sangria?
After a nap we sought out our favorite place for steak from our last trip to Argentina three years ago, Don Julio. Without a reservation, we ordered some wine and stood at the grill and waited for a table. Watching the waiters wheel around the restaurant with plates full of steak was mouthwatering. Just like last time, the steak and wine were perfect.
A drink on the patio at Congo and off to bed for what promised to be or only full day in Buenos Aires.

Sleeping in a little, we took a walk to Confitería Las Violetas for coffee and treats. Let me warn you now, if you order a small plate of pastries for two, you better be ready to eat two or three GIANT pastries each (Our difficulty may have lay in the ice cream we picked up along the way from these 70 year old plus ice cream making Portenos. They were so incredibly happy to share their home made ice cream with us).

We took the Subte downtown. We had to take Linea A, which still uses old rolling stock. Almost like a living museum piece.

Aside from steak, wine and empanadas, BsAs is also known for its pizza. We had done a little homework before leaving and settled on Guerrin. The place was packed. Three floors of loud and exciting tables.
Ordering was fun since neither of us have a great command of Spanish, but we figured that nothing looked bad. I’m not even sure our waiter understood our pidgin Spanish and just decided to bring us what he liked. Whatever it was, the pizza was perfect. Almost like a deep dish pizza without all of the extra crust. Lots and lots of cheese.
I’m always surprised at how late life in BsAs starts. We finished dinner around 12:30am and the place was still packed.

Of course we made our pilgrimage to Ideal. A little tango, a last Quilmes and home to bed.
Off to Ushuaia tomorrow.


  1. Julie

    Pigs must have grown wings overnight that we are seeing pictures of the vacation so soon. Love the old benches on the subway car. And it must be the Canadian in me but, seeing the pizza parlor kitchen with the wine stacked up on the wall is really cool.

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