Cassoulet + Staub {Personal}

We’ve been meeting with a number of couples in the past few weeks who are gearing up for 2013 and 2014 weddings. While we’re always interested in the details of the big day, we also want to get to know our couples, especially what they do for fun. You know, when they’re not planning their wedding.

Fair is fair, we thought we’d share what we do for fun. When we’re not shooting or editing images or traveling somewhere that most people think is crazy, we love to cook and bake.

We’re in love with our new pot, the Staub. Made in France, she was instrumental in one of the best meals we’ve ever made: a fabulous Cassoulet on Halloween. It was a 4+ hour process, but *so* worth it. Documenting it was pretty fun too. Our favorite part: when one of the trick or treaters poked their head in the door and asked if we were filming a cooking show — we wish!

We are completely enamoured with the Staub’s chicken handle. Time for some close ups:

Never eaten or made a Cassoulet before? If you’re not veggie, you have to try it — it is pure deliciousness. Onion, garlic, carrot, tomatoes, bacon, sausage, chicken legs and breasts. And don’t forget the bouquet garni — a bundle of herbs wrapped in a leek, tied up with string.

Those of you with keen vision may be able to spot the fixings for a sidecar in the background. Did we mention it was a 4+ hour process?

And it wouldn’t be a French meal without a bottle of red wine.

We may be biased, but how good does this look?!

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