Cheryl + Paul {Estates of Sunnybrook Wedding}

Cheryl and Paul were married at the end of summer in the garden at McLean House at the Estates of Sunnybrook. Earlier that afternoon, we met up with Cheryl at Civello in Yorkville for hair and makeup. Such a lovely place to get pampered on your wedding day!

Even though the day was overcast (and we all had our fingers and toes crossed that it wouldn’t rain), the diffused light through the back windows of Civello’s was beautiful and soft; of course, it didn’t hurt that Cheryl looked so calm and tranquil!

In just a few minutes the diffused light changed quality and colour so quickly that it allowed us to get a variety of looks of Cheryl getting ready – a little high key black and white . . .

. . . a little soft cool blue light . . .

. . . and something a little warmer and even softer . . .

The McLean House is one of our favorite venues — refined, but not pretentious, and perfect for a small, intimate wedding. Did we mention that its grounds are gorgeous.

As Cheryl was starting to get ready in the bridal suite, we took the opportunity to document some of her carefully selected details on the grounds.

Cheryl kept things intimate, getting ready with only her two sisters and her mom.

Love the look on Cheryl’s mom’s face as she proudly watches Cheryl finish getting ready. We’re just waiting for the tears. You know they’re coming.

Before heading down the aisle, we took a few portraits of Cheryl down the long narrow hallway off the bridal suite. Just beautiful.

We love a garden wedding. Seriously. There is nothing better than soft natural light. Not to mention that the McLean House provided such a stunning backdrop for Cheryl’s walk down the aisle to Paul.

With a kiss, it’s done. It’s forever…

After the ceremony and some family photos, we headed off with Cheryl and Paul for a few portraits on the grounds.

Loved Cheryl and Paul meeting at the bottom of the stairs. To see the GIF we created for their wedding sneak peek, click here.

Just when you thought it was getting all romantic, some of Paul’s friends, who clearly felt that they were missing out on all the fun, tackled him. Quick moves on Cheryl’s part to avoid the pile up (it’s like she knew Paul well enough to know what was coming) …

Back to the house for some oysters, drinks, dinner, and dancing…

One last stop for something cute and quirky:

In the library of McLean House later that night, we opened up the dictionary. This just seemed to fit:

It was a fabulous day, Cheryl and Paul. Thanks for asking us to spend the day with you.

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