Chris + Miro {Engagement Photography}

Meet Chris and Miro; Chris is originally from Toronto, and Miro is originally from the San Francisco Bay area. They met and fell in love in S.F. After their wedding in San Anselmo (which we can’t wait to shoot in September!!!), they’ll be calling S.F. home. So, it only seems fair that we did a little shooting up here in Hog Town while they were up for their engagement party hosted by Chris’s parents in N.O.T.L.

For the gritty side of the Big Smoke:

(I love that we caught one of the chefs walking through our shot.)

These two were great. They didn’t blink an eye when we led them down a back alley or asked them to climb to the top of a fire escape . . .

For something so very T.O.:

Did we mention that Chris and Miro were up for anything . . . ? (Don’t forget that you can click to view all of these pictures in a larger format. You wouldn’t want to miss that Lake Tahoe jump in all its glory!)

Sometimes the quiet and serious moments between Chris and Miro were even more dynamic than all the laughter and hijinks . . .

Chris and Miro told us the wanted something distinctly Canadian for the shoot. Bonhomme wasn’t available. We didn’t think that maple syrup would be appropriate. So, who doesn’t love an early summer Canadian sunset and a Hudson’s Bay blanket to lounge on?

Just before the light slipped away, we managed to grab a few shots with Chris, Miro and Toronto’s skyline.


  1. Julie Dunsmuir

    Love the action shots of the two of them getting up to the loading dock. I also like the pic near the end with just Miro holding onto Chris’s arm.

  2. michelle

    these pics are stunning!!! Really love the Hudson’s Bay wrapped up shot. You guys are very talented.

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