Chris + Miro {Wedding Photography}

As promised, here is Chris and Miro’s beautiful garden wedding in Marin County, just outside of San Francisco.  This is our longest post yet; we just couldn’t help ourselves! We wouldn’t want you to miss any of this . . .

Chris and Miro’s wedding was held at Miro’s parents place in Marin County, just the other side of the Golden Gate and its bridge.

As we mentioned in the sneak peak, it was a “Crow-themed” wedding. What a way to celebrate a Mr. Crow and his new Mrs.

Kissie, the matriarch of Miro’s family, and Miro’s mom put together all the flowers for the wedding, including the most stunning bouquets we’ve every seen; talk about talent.

Considering that both Miro and her mom are stylists, it’s no surprise that the wedding details were so gorgeous and personalized – dresses, table settings, flowers; it was also amazing to show up and watch her dad even trim out the water lilies that didn’t fit the bill.

Look at these girls work it . . .

. . . Miro, seriously, seriously! Stunning!

Meanwhile, the boys had their own little party.

Not to be out done, the boys also were just fine throwing out a pose, thank you very much.

Retiring to the drawing room for a drink of reserve Crown – a little bit of Canada in California.

Then, as if on cue, a black crow alit, landing on the telephone cable above the procession.  Priceless.

Look at the passion in this kiss.

Let the party begin!

After the ceremony, we had some time to play with Chris and Miro, their friends and their new family.

Remember what we said about the details . . .

Even an oyster bar and an expert shucker.

Listening to Chris and Miro’s friends and family share stories about their lives and loves; it was like they were drawn to this moment their entire lives.

Who doesn’t love a few impromptu wedding speeches?

With the patio lanterns hanging over them, Chris and Miro put on an epic first dance.

Have we mentioned yet that Chris and Miro really know how to throw a party?

We just love this!


  1. martha

    The entire event was absolutely stunning but relaxed and oh so much fun. The Marcus Family still reigns in the creative field as they transformed their already beautiful garden into a perfect venue for Miro and Chris’ wedding. These photos are some of the best I’ve ever seen for a wedding… Congratulations!

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