Christina + Cal {Doctor’s House Wedding Photography}

We can’t believe that the long weekend is already over. If, like us, you’re looking for a break from the workweek already, we recommend settling in with your favorite icy beverage and looking through the post of Christina and Cal’s gorgeous summery wedding in Kleinburg. It really had it all.

Cal gave us a call ahead of time to let us know about his wedding day surprise for Christina. We were *so* impressed. Seriously, Cal, fantastic job on the retro bike, note, flowers, jewelry, and, most of all, the DIY details.

the rubber hits the road i

the rubber hits the road ii

the rubber hits the road iv

the rubber hits the road iii

Cal asked us to coordinate with Christina’s dad and brother to wheel Christina’s new bike out and get everything ready for the big reveal. Needless to say, Christina was so surprised.

the first surprise i

the first surprise iii

the first surprise ii

Christina tried her best to keep her emotions in check with her bridesmaids and parents looking on. Reading Cal’s note proved to be too much though.
the first surprise iv

the first surprise v

We knew from Christina and Cal’s beautifully styled engagement shoot that they would make fabulous choices on their wedding day. Christina picked such cute robes, stunning dresses, and gorgeous accessories (the Valentinos are swoon-worthy) .


dresses ii

robes and dresses


kate spade



This little guy kept us company while we documented the prep. Love him.


Hair and makeup was done at Christina’s parents’ place, but as the guys were also getting ready there, the ladies headed to the bridal suite at the Doctor’s House to finish prep. The front verandah provided the perfect location for a few shots of Christina and her bridesmaids and their coordinated robes, manis, and shoes.


rings and robes

all for one

one for all

Cal, who hails from Winnipeg originally, got ready downstairs at Christina’s parents’ house. Trust us, it was quite the operation to ensure Christina and Cal didn’t see each other before the first look. Cal’s details were hockey-inspired, perfect for a Centre of the Brampton Beast.

boys toys

boys toys ii

boys toys iii

Christina, like Cal, planned a thoughtful wedding day surprise. Early in their relationship, Christina had given Cal an engraved dog tag. It had worn with wear and Christina thought that it only made sense that this new stage in their relationship be marked by a new piece of jewelry.

surprise number two i

surprise number two ii

surprise number two iii

surprise number two iv

surprise number two v

finishing touches

finishing touches ii

After much anticipation, it was time for Christina and Cal’s first look. We always recommend that our couples do a first look if they are open to seeing each other before the ceremony. Hair and makeup are not only freshest, but it allows the couple to see each other for the first time on their wedding day privately in a beautiful location. The Doctor’s House grounds has just the perfect spot, in the shade of some trees next to the chapel.

and we're off

Christina and Cal were so ready to see each other that we swear our hearts were racing and we could feel the excitement and emotion radiating off them.

first look i

first look ii

first look iii

first look iv

first look v

first look vi

first look vii

first look viii

straighten up

After their first look, Christina and Cal arranged to do some photos with their bridal parties at the Kortright Conservation Centre, a woodsy, rustic locale not far from the venue with a stunning stand of pines.


cool kicks

in the pines

in the pines ii

in the pines iii

in the pines iv

in the pines v

Gorgeous, Christina.

in the pines iii

in the pines v

in the pines i

friends i

friends ii

forest details

You may have seen the sneak peek we posted from Christina and Cal’s wedding. In which case, you’ve already met the Big Love Ball. We couldn’t resist involving Christina and Cal’s bridal party in a bit of athleticism.

meet the love ball i

meet the love ball ii

meet the love ball iii

meet the love ball iv

meet the love ball v

Amanda, Christina’s awesome maid of honour, was so helpful when it was time to wrap up at Kortright with the Love Ball.

meet the love ball vi

huddle up

Having let the bridal party take a break for a few minutes, Christina and Cal snuggled up together in the shade of the cabin.


horseshoe ii

With a few minutes before the ceremony, we took the opportunity to do a few fashion-forward portraits of Cal and Christina.

tubs i

tubs ii

black and white

At last, time for Christina to walk down the aisle with her dad.

going to the chapel

going to the chapel ii

going to the chapel i

going to the chapel iii

The first look and portrait session didn’t detract from Cal’s reaction to seeing Christina walk down the aisle one bit.


Christina’s dad could not have looked more proud or excited. So effusive, so much emotion.

proud dad

proud dad

proud dad

in front of friends and family

hand in hand

up in front

Christina and Cal had so many friends and family looking on. The chapel was packed. Not only were there no seats or standing room only, the crowd there to celebrate them spilled outside.


everyone ii

parents i

parents i




patch of light


After Christina and Cal read their vows, there was not a dry eye in the house.

not a dry eye

all done

Before hitting the reception, Christina and Cal opted to do a few more photos with their bridal party with the big love ball.

ove toss ii

We needed to include this outtake because it reminded us of how unpredictable wedding days can be. When we asked the bridal party to throw the love ball, we meant in the air as had been done previously, *not* at Christina and Cal. We’re sure that Christina and Cal have forgiven them. As we’ve been editing images, we affectionately called this mishap “crushed by love”.

crushed by love

love toss

Both the outdoor cocktail patio area and the Great Hall were beautifully decorated for the reception.






love grows


the head table


seating ii

Everyone loves a sweet take away. Macarons and jelly beans? Yes, please.


cupcakes ii




ribbons and bows

ribbons and bows

bags of love

Christina and Cal’s first dance surrounded by their bridal parties was so sweet.


dance ii

dance iii

Between courses, Christina and Cal’s families shared stories of their childhoods, teenage years, adventures, successes, and, eventually, their romance and relationship. Special mention goes to Amanda, the rapper of the group. We can’t possibly do your rhymes justice, but you definitely get credit for some of these smiles.

everyone i

everyone i

these two ii

these two

all wrapped up i

all wrapped up ii

believe in us

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You guys, we don’t know what more to say. The time we spent with you was so much fun. Thank you for all of your planning, for relaxing with us and being yourselves, and for welcoming us into your families! Congratulations again!


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