Christine + James {Ravine Vineyard Engagement Photography}

We love Niagara-on-the-Lake.  We especially love all of the vineyards in area.  We have our favourites, but thanks to Christine and James, we’ve added another, Ravine Vineyard.

When we met Christine and James for the first time, they were certain that they wanted to take their engagement photos at Ravine.  After all, that’s were James organized a private dinner for the two of them and popped the question (smooth, James, smooth).  Ravine

With our love of wine and NOTL and the fact that Christine and James had arranged with Ravine for some private time in the vines, we jumped at the chance to head out to Niagara for an early morning shoot. Seriously, how often do you get the chance to essentially have a vineyard to yourself?!  Not often enough is the correct answer!in the vines i

in the vines ii

Now, this is going to be a running theme for Christine and James: they looked so relaxed and contented during the shoot, and, to be honest, they were downright giddy together.  They’d effortless snuggle, all romantic and intimate, and then, as soon as we were done, they’d burst into giggles sharing private jokes.  These two are certainly in the vines iii

in the vines iv

in the vines v the vines vi

in the vines vii

See, we told you!in the vines viii

in the vines ix

in the vines x

We had scouted the grounds at Ravine the day before the shoot.  As soon as we realized that some of Ravine vineyard was on a hill we started to map out this shot.  In the end, because the sun was so bright there was only one or two rows that would allow our vision.  Don’t laugh (or, rather, go ahead and laugh, it looked ridiculous), but this required Naomi to get up on Mark’s shoulders to shoot the vines xi

One last moody shot in the vines before moving up to the main house.

in the vines xii

the porch i

the porch ii

the porch iii

Christine and James are fellow adventurers.  When we suggested that they bring any items that were personal to them for the shoot, they knew right away that they’d be bringing their travel books.the porch iv

the porch v

This teal barn door was a gorgeous backdrop that set off Christine and James’ outfits perfectly. barn doors

barn doors ii

barn doors iii

barn doors iv

barn doors v

To finish off the morning, we sat down with Christine and James to have a little taste of Ravine’s wares.  With the tasting room to ourselves, we decided that one last set was in order.  Stepping back from the table to get a shot or two, Christine and James immediately fell into each other, perfect, cuddly.  sharing a glass

sharing a glass ii

sharing a glass iii

sharing a glass iv

sharing a glass v

sharing a glass vi

Can’t wait for next year you two, can’t wait.

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