Crossfit – Overdose {Sports Photography}

Just before our trip to TZ Matt Lefave, a crossfit fiend, told us about a crossfit competition being run at Element CrossFit, OVERDOSE. The competition was structured with three qualifying rounds, with ten finalists in each of a women’s and men’s category competing for victory. As if we ever have to be reminded how far away we are from being in tip-top shape. Just take a look at the physical and mental toughness exhibited here.

With such incredibly fast motion, and without access to lights (who wants to blind someone lifting hundreds of pounds), we decided to use the technical obstacles to push ourselves to be as creative as possible in catching the motion, emotion, effort and exhaustion of the day.

The commitment that the athletes showed was a tremendous display of fortitude. All sport has a mental element that elite athletes must possess to push their bodies beyond the point of simply physical ability – to lift just one more time, to hold on just a few seconds longer . . .

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