Deidre + Jesse {Up-Inspired Engagement Photography}

Hold on tight — we’re headed to Paradise Falls! If you haven’t seen the movie Up yet, go rent it, download it, whatever you have to do. Just watch it. We challenge you not to tear up in the first ten minutes. Neither of us has succeeded yet and we own it on DVD (ahem, right, it’s a good thing Mark was wearing 3d glasses).

When we first met Deidre and Jesse, they told us about their Up-inspired engagement. The amount of effort Jesse expended in thinking through all the details and creating their Adventure Book made us melt. We knew we had to be Deidre and Jesse’s photographers and we also knew they had to use some of their beautiful details for their engagement shoot.

Deidre and Jesse are lovers of road trips so this map cut out was so perfectly them!

Alright, a little Up plot (for those of you haven’t seen the film) to put these next few images in context. Ellie and Carl meet as youngsters, drawn together by their shared sense of adventure and admiration for Charles Muntz, an explorer whose slogan is “Adventure is out there!”. Ellie expresses her dream to move their club house to “Paradise Falls” in South America. It’s not without coincidence that Deidre and Jesse selected Belfountain, complete with its own waterfall, as the location for their engagement shoot.

Over time, Ellie and Carl’s feelings for each other grow stronger and, at one point, after sharing some grape soda, Ellie pins one of the bottle caps on Carl.

Colourful balloons lead to adventure later in life in Up. We have no doubt that these two have only just started their adventures together.

Deidre and Jesse’s playfulness and laughter is so infectious. Paper airplane wars anyone?!

Deidre and Jesse — you two are awesome!! We had such a great time with you in Belfountain. Ellie and Carl would approve.

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