Elaine + James {Engagement Photography}

Elaine and James have known each other for most of their lives — their parents are long-time family friends so they grew up seeing each other regularly at gatherings and events. As one might suspect, under the circumstances, it wasn’t love at first sight. In fact, as kids they mostly ignored each other. Once they were into their teens, ignoring evolved into friendship, which then turned into something much more. Their shared history and bond is amazing. Even more heartwarming for us is how important the details of their relationship are to them.

We think it’s really important that an engagement shoot is personal and reflects the couple’s relationship. Elaine and James each brought a box of items that they’ve collected over the course of their relationship to the shoot. Their boxes were overflowing with letters, postcards, pictures, ticket stubs, trinkets, and, to our surprise, a contract. During the years that they’ve been together they’ve always been looking into the future. So, in their teens, they drew up this contract:

And we couldn’t resist pulling out a photo strip from one of those old mall photobooths (you know the ones!) to do a before and after shot.

Elaine and James decided that they wanted to do their engagement shoot down at Cherry Beach, but before heading down there we took them on a walk down an old deserted set of railway tracks that we’d been itching to shoot for awhile.

After wandering along the tracks, we headed down to the beach. Something simple and pretty to start off in the late afternoon down by the water.

We decided to turn to something a little more playful, which suited Elaine and James perfectly — they’re always smiling and laughing. To be honest, down by Cherry Beach at the end of winter-early spring, we think Elaine and James were glad for the chance to run around and warm up a bit!

Love this tree with its gnarled old roots — made perfect seats for Elaine and James.

Talk about a fierce look from Elaine!

And, another round of horsing around on the beach…

After a quick wardrobe change, we walked further down the beach towards another big old tree, which framed our shots perfectly.

Because you thought that these two couldn’t be any cuter together, Elaine and James decided to ramp it up. James had bought them coordinated t-shirts — the design can only be fully appreciated if they wear them together. It was too cold to sport the shirts by the lake, but James decided to brave the cold to show off the back of the shirt, which has a smaller version of the full design on it.

Thought we’d pair the awesome details on the jackets with some straightforward portraits…

One last set in the woods. The blurred trees in the background make for a beautiful, surreal setting. Who says winter shoots without snow can’t be gorgeous?!

James is always keeping Elaine on her toes and keeping her laughing…

Elaine and James — we had an awesome afternoon with you guys and can’t wait to shoot your wedding next month!


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  2. Dennis/Gemma Lemos

    Congratulations to both of you. You are a lovely pair and your engagement photos are beautiful. May God Bless both of you in your future bond.

  3. Eleonor Infante

    Congratulations guys!!!! Love the pictures and you both look so happy…. match made in heaven!!!! May our LORD continue to bless you as you start your life together soon…….. Love you both…. God Bless Tita Eleonor

  4. Jen Nguyen

    Aww I love these photos! They turned out great!I can really see the love!!!

  5. Anonymous

    thanks for the wonderful photos. see you at the wedding. . . James’ mom

  6. Elaine

    And I was thinking the same thing – how fierce or angry I look without smiling! You can never go wrong with a smile 😀

  7. Elaine

    Beautiful pics!! We had a wonderful time with you too, you were so professional and fun to work with. Thank you for sharing a bit of our story on the blog, we look forward to finishing it off with you at our wedding next month!

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