Elaine + James {Wedding Photography – Peek}

At the end of the night we piled into our car with all our gear.
We were tired from a full day of shooting.
We just couldn’t stop smiling.

We felt lucky to have been there — to be a part of it; Elaine and James’ wedding day! Their love for each other, their family, friends, and God was so genuine and so moving. There were lots of tears (all happy), loads of laughs, DIY projects, homemade cookies, basketball stunts, hula dancing, and break dancing (not the type of break dancing Mark can manage to remember from Breaking II – Electric Boogaloo when we’ve been at a friends wedding after a few glasses of wine), real break dancing.

We promise a full length post in the coming weeks. In the meantime though, we couldn’t help ourselves — we had to post a couple of images to tide us over.

Elaine was STUNNING on her wedding day. If you’ve met Elaine, you know that she’s always smiling. This is so perfectly her, tucked into a secluded bank of pine trees way off to the side of the golf course.

We’re saving the more traditional (gorgeous!) portraits for the full length post and decided to instead give you something a little more quirky.

Elaine and James got their bridal parties Beats by Dre headphones (what a great idea!). We had the best time taking photos with their bridal party — you guys were awesome.

It’s no surprise to us that that you found each other Elaine and James. It’s no surprise that you’ve surrounded yourself with such a great group of friends. We’re couldn’t be happier that we now count ourselves amongst them.


  1. Elaine

    Still reliving this day! I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks already 🙁 best day of our lives!

  2. Stella B. Evangelista

    Love your photos and your presence at the wedding. Welcome to the family. . .James’ mom

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