Elaine + James {Wedding Photography}

One of our favorite parts of a wedding day is always the getting ready. The sense of anticipation, the nerves, and the excitement are all palpable. With a large, tight-knit bridal party, getting ready means rooms overflowing with family and friends, and all of their dresses, suits, ties, accessories, cosmetics, and other paraphenalia everywhere (like love!). And when a wedding has some DYI, it doesn’t stop there — it also means beautiful flower arrangements, bouquets, and boutineers en route to the venue also need a home. Elaine and James’ wedding day began as it should — with rooms full to the brim with love and support; with lots of helping hands for makeup, tying of ties, and floral arranging.
If we haven’t been clear enough before – these two are awesome, and so are the friends they’ve surrounded themselves with!

While all of the girls did their hair and makeup, Elaine took some quiet time to herself to get her hair and makeup finished. This allowed for a big reveal to her friends upon her return to the room!

Meanwhile, on the guys’ side …

Elaine’s sister, Eleanor, helped her with all the finishing touches — shoes and jewelry — before it was time to head to the church.

Elaine’s father looked incredibly proud walking her down the aisle; Elaine, who is usually all smiles, took a minute to steady herself in all the excitement of the moment. Remember Elaine when we talked about ‘pretty’ crying – nailed it!

Elaine and James’ ceremony and vows were some of the most emotional we’ve documented. Just reliving them through their pictures is enough to make us well up a bit.

After the ceremony and first reception at the church, we headed off with Elaine and James to their reception venue to shoot some portraits of just the two of them. As some of you may recall, we had learned at their engagement shoot that these two have amazing chemistry — they are so in love and at ease with each other — and they have no qualms about allowing us to document them just they way they are together.

When we scouted the venue before the wedding, we found these beautiful banks of pine trees that were perfect to shoot Elaine and James in…

Seriously now, Elaine. You just look stunning!

A little breeze and Elaine and James’ playfulness allow for some hilarious outtakes!

Zipping back to the club house for some shots with the bridal party!

We can’t say enough about how great Elaine and James’ bridal parties were. Between the way they sported their Beats by Dre headphones and their crazy moves (here and see later on in the post on the dancefloor), we had *so* much fun with them.

Elaine and James did such an amazing job with all the DYI details for their day. All it whites and pastels, with raffia touches, the decor was simple, but classic and oh so vintage.

One of Elaine and James’ large DYI projects was a large screen, which they made by painting palettes and adhering them together with hinges. To the screen, they framed and hung pictures of the two of them from their childhoods, through their early days as a couple, right up to their engagement shoot. Such a great personal touch.

A word about the homemade cookies. Elaine and James (true to form) insisted that we take some of the mason jars of cookies that they used as thank you gifts home with us. They were absolutely delicious. Naomi may have (true to form) eaten almost an entire mason jar full of cookies for breakfast one morning. (Mrs. Evangelista, care to share the recipe?)

James’ reactions to Isaac’s speech were priceless.

Speaking of priceless. You remember the shoe game. If not, quick recap: Elaine and James, without looking at each other, have to answer questions in the form of “Who is more likely to …?” as between the two of them. The answer is Elaine (her shoe) or James (his shoe). Elaine has clearly invented a new option.

Following the money dance, Elaine and James’ attire was much more colourful!

Elaine and James opened the dance floor with something quiet and romantic.

Breakdancing anyone? These guys put most people we know to shame with their moves.

Elaine and James: Thank you so much for opening up your world to us and including us in your day. We had an absolute blast and we’re honoured to have documented your love for your family, friends, God, and each other.


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    such lovely photos. thank you too for sharing your talent with us. recipe to follow. . . james`and elaine`s mom

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