Erik + Aileen {Engagement Photography}

Although it’s supposed to snow tonight (yuck), we’ll declare that spring is upon us (don’t forget you heard it here first)! With the cherry blossom (sakura) trees in bloom, we thought we’d shoot Erik and Aileen’s engagement photos in High Park.

Where do we start with these two? We met Erik + Aileen not too long ago for a quick coffee; or, rather, a two-and-a-half hour coffee. Time flew by as we chatted away about everything from day trips across the border for fast food to roller coasters to division of laundry duties (I’ll leave the identity of the laundry delinquent just between the four of us ☺).

Erik tried to snag a live cherry blossom for Aileen (to no avail).

(Disclaimer: We promise that this was just for photo purposes. NO blossoms were harmed, nor was their any intended harm to any blossoms.)

A Polaroid is the next best thing though.

Several years ago, as a New Year’s resolution, Aileen decided to take one Polaroid photo a day for the next year and turn the final product into a book. What a great project!

While Aileen loves Polaroid cameras and books, Erik, you guessed it, loves new technology – he is always online, reading the news on his iPad or just playing around.

The inscribed ipad was an engagement gift to Erik. How cool is this?

A few different perspectives in the park. Far:

Up close and personal:

As you may have guessed by now, Erik + Aileen are constantly goofing around, laughing, and teasing each other. We thought we’d take this a step further with a good, ol’-fashioned photobooth concept. Except outside. Erik + Aileen were game, as always, and didn’t need much (read: any) encouragement to ham it up in front of our cameras.

These two are adventurous souls – they share a love of travel and trying new things. Did we mention they’re up for anything? “Hey Erik, would you mind climbing up on the bench and doing your best tough guy impression? Aileen, how about you go into the middle of the Labyrinth. Okay, now how about you spin around in circles?” No questions asked. The results:

We always ask our couples “who made the first move?” Although Erik + Aileen told us this amazing story about growing-up together, going to the same schools, becoming best-friends and then falling in love – they teased each other about who really got lucky! We think it went more like this . . .

As it started getting darker, we moved into a wooded area for a completely different look. Using just one light:

Erik + Aileen – thanks for a really fun evening in the park. We had a blast and can’t wait to shoot your wedding next month!


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