Erika + Wes {Miller Lash House Engagement}

We’ve all been (justifiably) complaining about the long, never-ending, interminable winter. (I mean, really, how was it snowing today?!?!) Amongst all our whining, I think sometimes we all forget about the good things about winter though — you know, like snuggling up with your special someone, or pelting the love of your life with snow. And boy oh boy do we mean pelting.

Erika and Wes are two creatives who we think are the cat’s meow (total pun intended — they have two cats, just like we do). For their engagement shoot, Erika and Wes were totally game for an afternoon of winter hiking around the University of Toronto property, snuggling up close on the Miller Lash House grounds, and playing in the snow. Being in the industry, Erika and Wes came equipped with a ton of ideas — so many that we couldn’t even blog them all (don’t forget to ask them to see photos of hot chocolate magic, Erika popping her collar (stunning!), and Wes recreating John Bender’s victorious fist pump over Mr. Vernon). Such fun to collaborate with them. Before we showcase Erika and Wes’ snow war, we wanted to share some of the classic, cozy winter photos from their shoot . . .

Here’s where the shoot got really, really interesting. . .

So, here are the rules. Just so we’re all clear. Erika is totally allowed to throw snow at Wes. In fact, he loves it. He welcomes it. With open arms. And check out the look of sheer joy on Erika’s face. Throwing snow at Wes = happy.

Wes. Now just because you like getting hit with snow does not mean Erika does. Seriously. Wes. Not a good idea, buddy.

Gorgeous, Erika. Seriously, too beautiful.

Thanks for an awesome afternoon guys. You reminded us just how fun winter can be. That said, we’re still ready for spring!


  1. Diane Bartlett

    Gorgeous photos of my son and soon to be daughter! Absolutely stunning. Such genuine happiness in these two faces! Love it,

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