Erika + Wes {Classic Car and DIY Wedding Photography}

From our first meeting with Erika and Wes, we knew that their fun-loving natures and creativity would result in a wedding day full of laughter and unique, personal details. So many smiles; so much DIY (everything from Erika’s shoes, to signs for her bridemaids, to adorable pet-inspired table settings); and so many fun elements for the guys (super hero gear, and a classic car).

The days started at Erika and Wes’ house with Erika and her bridal party. While they were having hair and make up done, we spent some time with her dress. We knew we wanted to highlight some of its details — so elegant and beautiful.

Can’t find shoes to perfectly match your wedding colour? No problem (if you’re Erika that is). Erika hand-painted these and added all the sparkly details that you could want. Perfection!

Erika, you’re not even ready yet and you look stunning!

Love the vintage glam red nails and lipstick.

Meanwhile, at Wes’ mom’s house . . .

The moment we realized that there was a photo of teenage Wes available, well, this photo sort of just took itself:

It was time for Erika’s sister and friends to help her lace up that gorgeous dress.

The guys travelled to the ceremony in an amazing classic car — a cherry red ’67 Mustang.

So debonaire. So definitely James Bond-like.

All dressed up with no place to go? Just because Snowball and Pebbles weren’t able to make the ceremony and reception doesn’t mean that they weren’t super excited to celebrate Erika and Wes’ big day.

Such a fun idea! Chalkboard signs so that each bride’s maid could spell out how she met Erika or describe their relationship.

So pretty, Erika. Loving the birdcage veil.

Erika carefully planned every DIY detail of her day. The results: a classic venue and details made with love.

Now for the main event, with happy tears…

Something classic and editorial . . .

These shirts are awesome for lovers of all things superhero. . .

Bridesmaids. . .

With the ceremony and family and bridal photos taken care of, we whisked Erika and Wes away for a few romantic and playful shots together.

Such an awesome day, Erika and Wes!


  1. Liz

    Absolutely stunning you two…. congrats and keep on surprising each other in good and happy ways!

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