Erin + Adam {Engagement Photography}

Erin and Adam are getting married this weekend (!!!) so we thought we’d share a few images from their fabulous engagement shoot in Toronto’s Fashion District — the neighbourhood they now both call home.

Our love affair with (love affairs on) fire escapes will never end…

Even in the edgy, bustling Fashion District, we found somewhere soft and light so Erin and Adam could pull each other close.

Down an alley, around a hedge, in front of a Weslodge for a punch of lemon.

Don’t you miss seeing movement step-by-step on a film strip? You still can…

Our last stop of the day was the Bathurst Street bridge. So gritty, edgy, and urban. Perfect for Erin and Adam who can strike a pose or pull each other close for something a lot more romantic!

Looking forward to your wedding this weekend — 2 more sleeps!

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