Fight Night – Cambridge Club {Sports Photograhy}

Time does fly. We were at the Adeliade Club a few months ago to shoot (sometime before Tanzania). We recently had the chance to shoot the follow up, Fight Night at the Cambridge Club on Derby Day.

There were several fights on the card and several boxing celebrities in attendance – including Neven Pajkic, Canadian professional heavy weight, Spider Jones, former Olympian Chris “SHOWTIME” Johnson and Natalie “Too Bad” Brown.

The fights were intense. Amateur or not, you could tell that the fighters were well schooled and ready to step up.

Before the night really started, we watch the crew put the ring together. Without an audience one of the crew jumped in the ring, bounced to test the canvas and threw a few jabs too quick to catch with any camera. With perfect rim light, isn’t this the quintessential boxing photo. Cap askew, alone with the ring and a spotlight. The only fighter left standing . . .

Once set up, a pep talk later, the fighters really let loose.

The boys weren’t the only ones to have chance at the gloves.

We were also lucky enough to have a demonstration of professional boxing from Natalie “Too Bad” Brown”

When all was said and done, the main event, featuring the Blair Lyon from the Adelaide Club versus Steve McKenzie from the Cambridge Club, really did provide bang for the buck.

Exhausted, both men completely punched out . . .

A winner was announced . . .

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