Fyaz + Alicia {Wedding Photography}

Fyaz and Alicia were married at Atlantis. Although the forecast promised rain and Fyaz joked about good luck, fingers crossed, the weather held out and we even had the chance to climb up to the roof of Atlantis to take a few pictures on a beautiful late spring evening.

Both Fyaz and Alicia had emotional reactions to the different parts of the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we all took at trip through what used to be Ontario Place (past the closed Beaver Tail shop :() to the edge of the lake to take some family photos in the setting sun. It’s a long walk from Atlantis to the lake when cocktail hour is waiting. Luckily, Atlantis supplies chauffeur-driven golf carts. Thankfully, I remembered to hold on, we moved at quite a clip. Although I managed to hold on to the running boards long enough for the cart to slow down, this wouldn’t be my first time falling out of a golf cart (but that’s a story for another day).

There is so much that happens behind the scenes on a wedding day. I decided this time to post a few of the family portrait outtakes.
Alicia’s young nephew just couldn’t sit still for photos. I figured the best thing to do might be to tire him out . . . we found a quick understanding. I had him carry the bridal bouquet around, which was close to his size. When that didn’t work, what else but a jumping challenge . . .

Setting up for some of the more formal bride and groom photos, it was incredibly touching to watch Fyaz’s sister help out her new sis.

After dinner and speeches, as promised, we found our way to the top of the Atlantis pod to shoot a few portraits using the giant golf ball, ummm, Cinesphere (or geodesic domes to those of you with too much time on your hands).

My favorite of the night . . .

It was a great day, and as always, it was a blast to work with Don Toye!

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