Haileigh + Mike {New Year’s Eve Wedding Photography}

This winter wedding truly had it all. Cottage country. A gorgeously decorated rustic outdoor ceremony space. A blizzard of epic proportions. A well-dressed, adorable French Bulldog. Amazing families and friends, all of whom made us feel like part of their gang right from the start. And did we mention it was New Year’s Eve?! Most importantly though, this wedding joined Haileigh and Mike, a quirky duo who seem absolutely perfect for one another.

Haileigh and Mike spent their mornings getting ready in cabins just down a trail from one another. The snow covered pines provided the perfect backdrop for all of Haileigh’s jewelry and accessories.

Inside, hair and makeup prep were in high gear…

Love the soft neutral gloves for the outdoor ceremony and the sparkly gold pumps.

Because you can’t wear heels in the snow, you have to get lace Docs.

Velma Joan had spent the morning attentively watching Haileigh get ready. It wouldn’t be long before it was time for her to throw on this hot number!!

Very often, guys take a more straightforward and much quicker approach to getting ready on a wedding day. Mike and his buddies, on the other hand, took a different tack. Their tie styling was unique and required serious instruction.

Back at Haileigh’s cabin, it was almost time to get on the road. 

Haleigh’s family has a cottage just outside Haliburton. To keep the day as personal as possible, Haileigh and Mike opted to take some photos by the frozen stream on the property. We jumped at the chance. Please note, there will be no photos of cars getting stuck in the blizzard and snow drifts. Thanks for the sand and push though, Mr. Pascoe!

Despite the heavy snow fall, Haileigh and Mike were not to be dissuaded from being outside.  Hot chocolate (with a little something extra), big blankets, mitts and covered hay bale seating helped to chase the cold away.

How is this for a unique ceremony space?! Pinestone did such a stunning job!

Wrapped in a Bay blanket, we’re not sure that Haileigh and Mike even noticed the cold.

Back inside and all warmed up, it was time to celebrate NYE!!!!!

5, 4, 3, 2 . . . 

1 . . . Happy New Year!

Haileigh and Mike, we’re so happy that you invited us to celebrate with you.

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