Helen + Blair {Destination Wedding – Greece}

Where to start? A few months ago we put up a sneak peek of Helen and Blair’s Greek island wedding. And now it’s time to share the rest. Hold on tight — it’s a great adventure and a gorgeous wedding!

After an overnight flight to Athens and a trip to the Acropolis, we found our way to the port of Agios Konstantinos in the north eastern part of Greece.

A five and half hour ferry ride later, we landed on Alonnisos, the most remote of the inhabited islands in the Northern Sporades chain.  With a population of under 2,500, Alonnisos was a traveller’s dream.

For the week leading up to the wedding, we walked around in the beautiful villages and hills of the island. Every time we encountered a local, we were asked if we were there for “the Wedding.”  All of the islanders seemed to know about Helen and Blair’s upcoming celebration, happy that the two of them had chosen to celebrate on their island.

Helen and Blair’s families both rented stunning villas on the island for the week leading up to the wedding.  We worked with Helen and Blair to pick out the best places in their villas to get ready on their big day.  Helen, on a beautifully Greek white washed balcony, complete with the quintessential blue shutters!

Magnificent accessory choices, Helen.

Where else could you possibly shoot such beautiful details?!  It seemed as if the blue doors were made for wedding photography!

That being said, if you have a few lime trees, how could anyone pass up the opportunity to use them as the backdrop for Helen’s jewelry and dress?!

Up the hill, just below the “Old Town,” Blair participated in the Greek tradition of a morning shave carried out by his best man.  Wait for it, in the middle of a peach orchard!

Is that nervous laughter, Blair?

Evan’s concentration was amazing, particularly considering the rest of the guys were watching like hawks.

Not a scratch!

Great tie and sock choices, Blair. Keeping with the Greek tradition, Evan also helped Blair get dressed.

Back at Helen’s family’s villa, we captured Helen’s finishing touches . . .

Seriously Helen, absolutely gorgeous . . .

Once ready, Helen’s family gathered on the balcony for the big reveal.  Overwhelmed by the number of family and friends that made the trek, Helen’s excitement and joy was clear.

The proud family . . .
According to tradition, Helen and her family walked through the streets of the town to the church, escorted by a two-man band.
We had walked the route a few days before the wedding to scout out the best places to shoot.  Add in Helen and her family’s infectious laughter and we were set.

Approaching the last corner, we ran ahead to get Blair’s reaction to Helen’s arrival . . .

The interior of the church was simply stunning.

Walking up the aisle, with family and friends to follow, Blair and Helen had a quick moment alone together at the front of the procession.

With light beaming in through small windows along the walls of the church, we were able to position ourselves to catch the streams of light falling on the activities at the front of the beautiful and moody church.

Despite temperatures closing in on 40 degrees, there was no way Helen and Blair’s happiness could be missed.

Once outside, Helen and Blair were pelted by rice while revelling in their moment.

Seriously, we mean pelted.  Look at the excitement of these two little guys.  Happy to be in the fresh air and throwing handfuls of rice.  Of course, you can’t tell at all that they’re being egged on by Blair’s buddies.

Blair and Helen had found these great Greek-inspired socks for the guys in the bridal party.

Taking advantage of the Greek architecture for some fun portraits . . .

The Old Town had suffered a devastating earthquake in 1965.  Although much of the Old Town has recently been rebuilt, we were able to spend some time earlier in the week scouting out some great places for some pretty unique portraits.

Traipsing around the ruins was a great experience!  Helen and Blair, you two were awesome!

Check out our friend in the bottom right corner . . .

We were even able to find a few old pomegranate trees in front of a dilapidated farm house.  What more could a photographer ask for? Greenery – check, fruit trees – check, dilapidated buildings – check, a bride and groom clearly in love and game for anything – check.

With a wedding in Greece, we know we had to find an olive grove to shoot a few bridal portraits. Getting to the olive grove at sunset made these last few portraits just magical . . .

Putting these two in such a beautiful location made our job easy.  All we had to do was watch them fawn over each other.  Blair’s *total* love for Helen was plain to see.

Shifting seamlessly from romance to playfulness, Helen and Blair were putty in each other’s hands.

How many times do you think we can say stunning in one post?  Helen: stunning!
Not too bad yourself Blair.
Our last stop was an old rock wall in the middle of the olive grove. A perfect location.  Add in Helen and Blair’s touch of attitude and we think we have the next Vogue cover.  🙂

Last few rays of the setting sun . . .
. . . and off to the reception. Take a guess where . . . in a combination olive grove and winery, on a beach! Seriously, how amazing?!

Perfectly Greek details . . .

As the sun fell below the horizon and the moon took its place, the sky provided an amazing rainbow of colours.
With the evening’s festivities underway, Helen and Blair’s friends and family had an absolute ball! Clearly evident from both the speeches and reactions, Helen and Blair surrounded themselves with a fantastic group of sincere and hilarious friends and close, loving families.

With a 100 course dinner behind them (only a slight exaggeration), Helen and Blair hit the dance floor on the shores of the Aegean Sea.
Shifting between traditional Greek dances and modern European dance music, the beach came alive.  That being said, not everyone was able to make it to the end of the night.

Near the end of the evening, Terry, Helen’s brother put on quite a show!

Just in case you were wondering, the party ended sometime around 6am.  Those who made it this far were able to go for a quick swim in the Aegean as the sun slipped back over the horizon. If you didn’t make it, you’ll just have to imagine how perfectly fitting this was.
After a quick swim, we packed up and walked back through the reception area.  Tables and chairs scattered . . . evidence of an amazing party!

Helen and Blair , sincerely, thank you for taking us with you on such an amazing adventure.  We’re so happy that we now share this memory with you.

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