Helen + Blair {Destination Wedding — Peek}

A peek at Helen and Blair’s unforgettable wedding on the Greek island of Alonnisos. Over 150 friends and family from Canada, Greece, and further afield gathered to celebrate with them. Blue and white villas. Helen’s walk to the church with her family and friends, led by musicians. The Old Town, with its crumbling walls, stone houses, and fruit trees. Reception dinner in an olive grove. Dancing on the beach until just before sunrise. Swimming in the Aegean at dawn. Their story is magical. We can’t wait to tell it. Until then, here are a few of our favorites showcasing the landscape, the beauty, the colours, the happiness, and the love …


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  2. Mattie and Bryan Peever

    A Reat wedding. Thanks for the invite. We really enjoyed ourselves. Hope you have a long and happy marriage. PS We think Carol and Girv would like grandchildren….but there isn’t any rush. ( we don’t think)

  3. Mattie and Bryan Peever

    Great pictures. We hope you have a long and happy life together. PS. We think Carol and Girv need grandchildren…..you don t have to rush tho !,,,

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