Isabel + Zubin {Wedding Photography}

Isabel and Zubin’s wedding day was an incredibly eclectic mix of age-old traditions and modern perspectives — family; dress in rich, beautiful colours; edgy and unique portraits, including a risque use for a Bell phone booth; Zoroastrian customs; kicking off dressy shoes, lacing up some Converse, and dancing to the Cure; a classic kiss in an old bank building. Watching their day unfold through our lenses and documenting it was an amazing experience!

Isabel and Zubin started getting ready in their respective rooms at One King West.

Isabel’s mom and sister helped her with her hair and makeup.

Meanwhile, a few stories up, Zubin was getting a helping hand with his bow tie.

Back in Isabel’s room, Zubin’s mother arrived to wrap Isabel’s sari. The purple and gold were such striking colours on Isabel. Just so stunning…

Advi, Isabel and Zubin’s absolutely adorable son, watched intently as Isabel’s sari was wrapped.

We *love* it when our couples opt for a first look — to see each other, privately, before the wedding. It provides our couples with few quiet minutes together, away from all the hustle and bustle of the day, to take each other in. From a photographic perspective, it allows us to shoot their reactions to seeing each other for the first time in a much more intimate setting. Isabel and Zubin’s first look took place on the balcony of Zubin’s room …

Love the look on Zubin’s face.

After Isabel and Zubin’s first look we headed to the Music Garden (as you’ll recall from their engagement shoot, music is a shared passion of theirs) to shoot some portraits.

Back at One King West, Zubin prepared for the Nahan, a ritual bath supervised by a priest, before the ceremony. Following the Nahan, he dressed for the ceremony, in traditional Zoroastrian garments.

After Zubin walked down the aisle accompanied by the two priests who would preside over the ceremony, Zubin sat in a chair which would be across from Isabel. A curtain was hung in front of him, which fell to his knees. This prevented Zubin from seeing Isabel’s entry and prevented Isabel and Zubin from looking at one another during the first part of the ceremony.

Once seated opposite each other, between the curtain, the two priests who preside over the ceremony placed a few grains of raw rice into Isabel and Zubin’s left hands. One of the priests then placed Isabel’s right hand in Zubin’s at the bottom edge of the curtain, and wrapped a string around their clasped right hands seven times while reciting a prayer.

The same string that bound their right hands was then wound around Isabel and Zubin’s chairs seven times by their immediate family members and the priests.

Finishing the seventh circle of the string around Isabel and Zubin’s chairs signaled the moment when the curtain would be dropped and they would each throw the rice they had been holding in their left hands at each other. There was no holding back with these two! They both wanted to be first to launch the rice at each other. And it’s no wonder — we’ve since read that, although it’s in jest, whomever throws first is considered to be the one in charge of the household!

After their hands were unbound, Isabel and Zubin rose and rotated their chairs so they sat side-by-side. The second half of the ceremony consisted of confirming Isabel and Zubin’s intentions, advice, and some blessings in Parsi. During this portion of the ceremony, Isabel and Zubin were showered with rice and petals by the priests.

Following the ceremony, Isabel and Zubin’s reception was held in the Grand Banking Hall at One King West.

Their shoe change and unconventional first (fast) dance was a hit with their friends and family.

A few classic, vintage shots to close out an incredible day…

And we couldn’t resist borrowing one of music themed table cards to photograph Isabel and Zubin’s rings. Leonard Cohen is one of our favs too!

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