Jodi + Robbie {Destination Wedding — Dominican Republic}

Jodi and Robbie packed their bags and invited their families and friends to join them for a week-long wedding celebration in Punta Cana at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Punta Cana. A destination wedding was the perfect answer for two families who are scattered across Canada, the U.S., and even Asia. It was both a reunion and opportunity to unite their two families.

Jodi and Robbie’s wedding day, like most others days that week, brimmed with love and laughter. Jodi started her day relaxing with her family before heading to the salon with her mom and sisters to get ready. Jodi (who has amazing taste!) got matching robes for her bridal party, mom, and mother-in-law. The tropical pattern was gorgeous!

Even though they live a plane ride away from each other, the close bond between Jodi and her sisters is so clear. While Jodi finished getting ready, Lisa and Angela took a few minutes out of earshot for some last minute speech practicing…

Time for some bubbles?

Meanwhile, Rob and the guys were, well, they weren’t really doing much getting getting ready. They were doing what they should be though — hanging out in their East Coast Lifestyle tanks that Robbie picked out in honour of growing up out east.

After the salon, we headed back to the suite where Jodi and her bridal party would be getting ready. There was no escaping pairing Jodi’s dress and accessories with all the music-inspired and tropical details of the Hard Rock suite and grounds. We had to do it — we had no choice!

A very tough choice — gorgeous turquoise heels or cute customized flip flops? Beach ceremony and poolside reception means no decision required — you can wear both!

A little help from mom, a quick photo, and we’re off!

En route to the ceremony . . .

It doesn’t really matter that they’re out of order. There’s so much cuteness…

Fingers often swell in heat and humidity. Not to worry, Jodi is determined in everything she does. Putting on Rob’s ring: no exception.

Kids at weddings. In our experience, there’s either overwhelming excitement or not so interested. In this case, there’s a beach. Why aren’t we playing on it?

It’s official!

Bright colours for a beach wedding — yes! Love the dress and flower choices.

After shooting photos with Robbie and Jodi’s families and bridal parties, we spent some time with the two of them on the beach, soaking up the last of the day’s sun and documenting their first minutes as husband and wife.

Off to the poolside reception with a tropical feel. The simple elegance of the white paper lanterns and shells worked perfectly.

So many heartfelt speeches, tears, and laughter. Oh did they laugh . . .

And then they danced. . .

So that they could spend as much time as possible with family and friends on their wedding day (and take some photos where Jodi’s dress might get dirty or wet), Jodi and Robbie opted to limit wedding day photography time and put their wedding gear back on a couple days later for some portraits. The results: images of their romantic time together at sunset, off the beaten path without wedding onlookers (except us, of course).

True to form, Jodi and Robbie were at their best goofing around and making each other laugh.

The coast just outside the Hard Rock property is completely windswept. This made for some gorgeous, relaxed beach shots.

Covered in sand and surf. . .

Jodi and Robbie — thanks for taking us along to document your wedding adventure with your family and friends, and for making us feel like part of the family. It was an unforgettable week.


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