John and Antonella {Engagement Photography}

John and Antonella are awesome — John is incredibly laid back and Antonella is one of the most positive people we’ve ever met. We’re shooting their wedding in October.

John’s family has a cottage outside Barrie, in a beautiful sprawling wood and on a quiet part of the lake. John and Antonella weren’t looking for a formal engagement session, instead hoping to just hang out with us on the lake, have a beer, enjoy a great bbq and get to know each other a little better.

A perfect opportunity to try out our new toy. An honest to goodness Polaroid Sun 600!

Of course, spending time with John and Antonella means spending time with Jackson and Charlie!

After playing with the dogs, we took some shots of John and Antonella playing under the trees growing on the banks of the lake.

The light filtering under the tree was perfect. Look at how great these two look together.

Now John is a HUGE fisher, so it was critical that we captured John and Antonella on the edge of the dock casting for perch.

The question is, which joke to make . . . (a) hook, line and ? or (b) something about lures

To round it out, with the sun setting, we had a little fun on the steps leading from the lake up to the cottage.


  1. helen

    lovely…I love the pictures with them under the tree by the lake…the pictures of the dogs were also neat…espically the one shaking off the water!!!

  2. antonella

    you two are amazing!!! thank you so so so much for such a lovely day…we had so much fun. the photos are so beautiful…can’t wait to see you both again!


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