Kathryn + Alex {Riverdale Farm Engagement Photography}

When we talked with Kathryn and Alex about their fall engagement shoot, they were full of great ideas. A stop at Red Rooster for a coffee, a walk around Riverdale Farm, some pumpkins and some fall colours. Check, check, check, and check!

Having walked around Riverdale Farms earlier to plan our route, we knew that we HAD to use the big barn as a textured backdrop.

You’ll also quickly notice the other main ingredient in their engagement shoot . . . fun! Alex most certainly supplied the zany. He knew exactly what to do to get Kathryn to break into laughter at any given moment. Alex described this as his Halloween walk:

It didn’t take much convincing to move from the fun to the romantic. These two just fit together perfectly!

Our next stop, the old farm house and its crumbling stone wall. Perfect for a romantic moment.

We just adore the colours and the golden sunset:

Of course, we also adore Kathryn and Alex’s playfulness. Having fun at sunset on a late fall Sunday is the best.

Alex loves and plays ice hockey. Even when we first met Kathryn and Alex, Alex planted the idea that he wanted to include hockey in their engagement shoot in some way. Check!

Of course, Kathryn wearing Alex’s jersey gave Alex even more of a license to goof about. The full contact version:

Thanks for such a fun fall afternoon, Kathryn and Alex. We can’t wait for next June!


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