Kathryn + Alexander {Todmorden Mills: Wedding Photography}

This is a different kind of post than what we usually share. But we’re really excited about it. We hope you are too.

Family and friends, and their roles in our couples’ lives are important in all of the weddings that we document. For Kathryn and Alexander, sharing their celebration with family and friends was truly what their wedding day was all about. Kathryn and Alex invited us into their families to celebrate for the day and, for that, we feel honoured.

So, today we wanted to share that part of Kathryn and Alexander’s wedding day. Not all of the portraits — more of a fly on the wall approach. A little more photojournalism, our documentary-style photography, if you will.

We also wanted to showcase some of the more unusual images from their day. After seeing how playful Kathryn and Alex were at their engagement shoot and their love of really unique images, we dreamt up some fun with motion, some wide-angle bridal party shots, we even had the run of the giant marble foyer at First Canadian Place for 25 minutes to stage the mini-fashion shoot that we’ve been dreaming of for a few years since we used to work in the dreaded towers. Some of them are below. The rest, well, you’ll have to harass Kathryn and Alexander to see them!

Let’s begin at the beginning with their families’ roots before heading to Alexander’s parents’ house . . .

about family

From just outside the room, it was a treat to watch Alexander lend a hand to his Dad. We really do love these quiet moments. And we love the idea that some of the photos that mean the most to our couples are ones that they didn’t even know we took.

It’s going to be a common refrain here, but the love and affection from EVERYONE who participated in Kathryn and Alexander’s day was palpable.
helping hand

hand ii

hand iii

Meanwhile, at Kathryn’s place . . .
lace ii


boxes and bling


From this point forward, the level of excitement and anticipation just popped.

here she comes

Gorgeous, Kathryn.
all dressed up i

all dressed up ii

Although Kathryn had gotten ready at her place, she had chosen to finish getting ready and to reveal her dress to her mom at her childhood home. Couldn’t resist sharing a few quick shot of Kathryn’s parents and their mounting anticipation.

with mom


Back at Alexander’s parents’ place, Alexander took the opportunity to give the guys a few lessons in Macedonian dancing. We’ll share the product of these lessons in the last few photos below.
dance lessons i

The anticipation certainly continued to run high for Alexander’s mom and nunko (godfather).
anticipation ii

anticipation iv

With that we were off to the church!
en route

Holy Trinity, just off the Danforth, where Kathryn and Alexander wed in a traditional Macedonian ceremony was absolutely gorgeous.

1923 ii

1923 iii

1923 iv

1923 v

Kathryn’s Dad, Big Ray, stood guard on the limo, making sure that Kathryn had a few quiet moments to herself immediately before the ceremony.
here we go

Kathryn and Alexander’s first look down the aisle . . .
down the aisle



the ring

The Macedonian ceremony includes participation from close family of the Bride and Groom, here, the Nunka exchanges the rings. This moment was so joyous.
the ring ii

the ring iv

the ring iii



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Again, calling on those closest to them to assist with the ceremony, the Nunko helped by exchanging the crowns.

from the back



With the ceremony finished, the Nunko couldn’t wait to whisper congratulations to Kathryn and Alexander. Can’t you just tell that he’s already teasing Alexander and Kathryn?! So mischievous.
in your ear

After some family photos, we used the alter screen for a few dramatic portraits.
great backdrop

Off to Todmorden Mills! Love these details and flowers.
the mill


As we said before, we couldn’t wait to take advantage of Alexander’s fun-loving nature to try something a little different.
fun with motion

A perfectly placed sign for a portrait of Kathryn and her ladies . . .

one last portrait

the whole gang

Back at the Toronto Board of Trade for the reception, the entire wedding party participated in dancing with then breaking the Pogacha or the Koluk.
koluk and ora

koluk and ora ii

Once everyone was finished dancing with the koluk, Kathryn and Alexander took hold of the bread and broke it like a wishbone. It’s said that whoever gets the larger portion of the bread is going to rule the roost.
koluk and ora iii

Seriously, how excited does Kathryn look now that she’ll be in charge?! 😉
koluk and ora iv

From a romantic first dance to a raucous ora, Kathryn and Alexander partied the night away with friends and family . . .
first dance

first dance ii

first dance ii

ora i

ora iv

ora ii

ora v

ora iii

ora vi


Kathryn and Alexander — we’re so happy that you welcomed us into your family and trusted us to capture all of the emotions of your wedding day! Congratulations again!


  1. Neda Hadjis

    Great photos! You did a great job capturing this special day for the Hadjis/White families. Many, many happy memories. Thank you again!

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