Katie + Andrew = ?? {Maternity Photography}

After one of this year’s crazy thunder and wind storms (which is where the rain boots that are just around the corner come from), we found a perfect square of summer in Katie and Andrew’s gorgeous backyard.

Almost a secret garden . . .

We had talked with Katie and Andrew by e-mail and phone, but hadn’t actually had the chance to meet these two until we showed up with our gear at their front door. Not to worry, Katie and Andrew are awesome. The invited us in and made us feel right at home!

I’m not kidding, their garden really was just like the secret garden . . .

A few weeks before giving birth, tell me Katie isn’t glowing, go ahead, I dare you . . . just beautiful.

We moved inside for a look at the nursery that Katie and Andrew built for their new arrival.

We finished the day with a snugglerific (no, that’s not a word, but we like it) portrait and a few shots of Katie in her mom-to-be yoga outfit.

We have to really thank Katie and Andrew for bearing with our quirky ideas and being such good sports. You guys are fantastically fun. We can’t wait to meet the next addition to your family.

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