Katie + Mitch {Engagement Photography}

Typically, we meet our couples before they ask us to shoot their wedding. Katie and Mitch were referred to us by a friend who was a groomsman in the wedding we shot last year in San Fran. So, after checking out our site and a series of emails back and forth, it was a done deal — we were shooting Katie and Mitch’s wedding!

Of course, not meeting beforehand meant we did some speculating about what Katie and Mitch would be like before to arriving to shoot their engagement session. Particularly after Mitch said that he had an idea for the shoot, but would tell us about it when we got there because it was a bit weird (the suspense was killing us!!). We knew it would all be fine though — their only “musts” were that we shoot in the Junction where they’d just bought their first house and that their pug, Baja (pronounced bay-ya), be included. Location that is personal to them — perfect — and we love dogs — awesome.

Mitch’s idea wasn’t so weird after all. Mitch and Katie are huge vinyl fans so we did some shots in front of their records and turntables. A couple after our own hearts! Sadly their collection is slightly bigger than ours though! (off to the record store for us?)

Baja decided that we were headed for a walk to the park for some portraits (and she was a total camera hog):

So fun having your very own front steps!

With Baja safely back home, we went on a wander around the Junction — down alleyways, up ladders, under and over bridges …

Love these — in motion; from both of our perspectives:

And, sometimes, the light is just perfect.

Who doesn’t love a laundromat? Katie and Mitch were a blast, up for anything, kidding around and always smiling and laughing.

Inevitably, at least once a shoot, one of us will come up with a hair-brained scheme. Something a bit different or quirky, if our couple is game. This time, it took the form of “So, how’d you feel about racing around in a laundry cart?” How did Katie and Mitch react? Well, they didn’t take much persuading:

Awesome white wall; the perfect backdrop:

One more grittier set to end the evening, up the fire escape…

Such an awesome time with you guys. We can’t wait to post your wedding!


  1. Roger

    Very beautiful couple. You seem like really down to earth people! Photo’s are magnificent – cherrish them forever.

    Roxann really likes the photos especially the black and whites. She sees a similar style to Robert Doineau (google it). Hugs and kisses to Katie and Mitch

    Roxann and Roger Paris

  2. Suzanne Sarda

    I always love a good black and white photograph but the series on the fire escape are my favourite.


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