Kim + Tim {Engagement Photography}

With summer winding down, Kim and Tim’s engagement post sure makes us nostalgic. Niagara-on-the-Lake, fruit trees in bloom, cicadas singing, warm sun on your skin, the relief of finding some cool water to splash around in, frozen treats, and late sunsets [big sentimental sigh].

Kim and Tim are getting married this month (yea!) so we thought we’d relive the summer and share a few of the images that show just how magic they are together.

One of the things we love most about Kim and Tim is how they just break into laughter — with abandon. For no reason at all. Or maybe there is a reason — it’s just their little secret…

Tell us these red shoes aren’t the cutest. Dare you.

Mid-summer days need big shady trees. This one was perfect for lounging under . . .

Here comes another one of those “So how much fun do you guys *really* want to have?” moments. There was actually no arm twisting required in this case. Before we could finish our question, these two had their socks and shoes off, pants rolled up, knee-deep in the fountain.

Love these shots peeking down at Kim and Tim over some shrubs at the side of the Court House Theatre, down an alley, just off the main street in NOTL.

When we first met Kim and Tim, one of the reasons that they told us that they liked our style of photography was that we often use a series of images to tell a story — like a storyboard. That said, we had to include this set of images of them on the steps of Niagara-on-the-Lake’s City Hall.

A stop for ice cream was a must for this shoot. Of course, it was hot and just about every tourist wandering the streets of NOTL had a cone or cup in hand. We say *must* not because of the weather or setting, but because ice cream actually has a special place in Kim and Tim’s engagement story. Apparently, so the story goes, Kim and Tim were in London (Tim is originally from England) and it was *the* day. Minutes before Tim had planned on popping the question, Kim dragged Tim to buy an ice cream cone. Nervous (no doubt), Tim’s focus wasn’t on his ice cream, which began to melt all over him. We’re glad to see that some things never change :).

Clearly, Kim still can’t take Tim anywhere!

You were an absolute blast, Kim and Tim. We can’t wait for your wedding at Blue Mountain later this month!


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