Kim + Tim {Wedding Photography}

We’re so excited to share Kim and Tim’s fabulously beautiful and intimate wedding in Collingwood at the Westin Trillium House.

Tim is an amazing graphic designer so all the graphic elements of the day are his creations. We *loved* the little birds…

Before driving to Collingwood, we started the day with Kim in Toronto with her long-time hair stylist. It was an early start so Starbucks was essential.

It’s always so hard to see what your hair looks like at the back. Thankfully technology has provided a solution:

Before long we were headed north to Blue Mountain to the suite where Kim would finish getting ready.

There’s no denying it — sometimes nail polish and lipstick colours have really silly names. We can admit that. This one just kind of fits though…

The lucky penny — a great touch, although we didn’t believe for a second that Kim needed it!

Kim picked an absolutely stunning dress (which she looked fabulous in!), but we really appreciated the care that she took in selecting all the little touches — like the tag with the inscribed initials and wedding date and the “Mrs.” hanger with her new last name!

Tim — these ones are for you. Okay, okay, the last one is also for us — we liked the Tweet quip.

Kim’s dad was so stoic walking her down the aisle; Kim, as always, was beaming.

We love people watching at weddings. This especially includes the little ones. These two were so completely smitten with one other, and played together throughout the evening. Perhaps another match?

For us, one of the most touching parts of the day followed the ceremony. Tim’s mom had been unable to attend the wedding in person but had been listening along from England via Skype. Following the ceremony, Tim and Kim and their families connected by video conference to share their love across the wide blue ocean.

We can’t say enough about the venue, decor, and the food. O&B and their staff did an absolutely amazing job!

With their day shaping up almost perfectly (remember rain on your wedding day is good luck), Kim and Tim looked so relaxed and contented. And ridiculously in love. But we didn’t really need to say that. It couldn’t be clearer from the looks on their faces.

Speeches are always one of our favorite parts when we’re invited to share the day with our couples. Kim, Tim, and their loved ones did not let us down.

Enter Marnie: Kim’s best friend and maid of honour. An absolute firecracker, the life of the (any?) party. Just for fun you may want to count the number of drinks on the podium. We’re teasing, Marnie, you did a great job!!!

Kim and Tim’s speeches were so heartfelt, so genuine, so full of love, so perfectly them. And shooting Kim listening to Tim give his speech was awesome — she’s just so expressive.

Given our ridiculous love of penguins (check out any of our Antartica posts), we were pretty excited to see these two atop Kim and Tim’s cake. We were equally excited about what happened next — but we certainly weren’t expecting it. It looked like such a little piece of cake. I mean, how much mess could the two of them actually make?!

Those who we’ve shot for before know that typically we’ll come up with at least one crazy idea per day. Fortunately, Kim and Tim didn’t take much convincing to stand on their chairs after dinner so that we could bring them closer to all the beautiful white lights hanging from the ceiling.

To get the lights to glow we tried a long exposure. Right, like these two could stand and avoid falling into each other’s arms.

One last dance with her dad before kicking off the rest of the evening.

Christy and her fiance could certainly move!

The end of the night. Such fabulous shoes, but no wonder they needed to be kicked off!

Kim and Tim, thanks so much for allowing us to capture your day!

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