Krista + Jake {Wedding Photography}

We started the day at Krista and Jake’s apartment down by the lake; taking some snaps of the girls getting ready. Giggling, laughing and generally having a ball. Krista’s dress was fantastic. The fabric details, including the beautiful silk flower really set this dress apart.

The wall-sized print of Amsterdam served as the backdrop for the morning; it was as though Krista travelled to Amsterdam to get ready.

A present from Krista’s mom, who doesn’t dream of silver jewelry from Tiffany and Co.?

Musical accompaniment.

After a perfectly choreographed ceremony outside, we wandered the grounds of the Islington Golf and Country Club with Krista and Jake.

Krista and Jake chose a very vibrant colour palette for their cake and details – unique and absolutely gorgeous!

Just try telling me that Krista and Jake weren’t having a great time!!

The photos of the speeches (and the audience reactions) really speak for themselves, but we can’t help but weigh in – they were at times playful, funny, serious, and nostalgic. Each speech showed just how much Krista and Jake mean to each other and to their entire circle of friends and family.

Krista’s dance with her dad was a very emotional dance. Instead of just a straight shot, we wanted to blog the photo of them reflected in the glass, with the trees and dusk.

Speaking of dancing and fun, check out these moves!

The perfect end to the perfect day.

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