Kristy + Jon {Engagement Photography}

It was another one of those weekends this year where the weather forecast was rain. Driving along the Gardiner to Humber River Valley Park to meet Kristy and Jon, we anxiously looked at the dark sky. Neither one of us wanted to say anything, but it sure looked like rain. Small spatters on the windshield turned into huge splotches. Thankfully, it was short lived; before we even turned off the highway, the sky was brightening and there was nothing but sun. Perfect for relaxing in the park.

Kristy and Jon picked Humber River Valley because it’s just a shot jaunt from their house and they often spend time there together. They’ll bring a blanket and book and enjoy some quiet time together (a couple after our own hearts!).

Kristy and Jon are heading to Europe on their honeymoon at the end of this summer. Oh travel. Let the daydreaming begin!

These two are absolutely adorable together. While they both have amazing serious looks, they spend a lot of their time together joking around and laughing.

After their picnic, Kristy and Jon suggested that we head down to the pier.

A quick outfit change and we wandered out into one of the wild fields the park boasts. Nothing like a cute sundress, tall grasses, and a setting sun for some romantic shots in oh so pretty light.

One of our favorites of the day. Seriously, guys — looks like a perfect fit to us!

Our next to last stops of the late afternoon were right down by the water. The old driftwood made the perfect seat for Kristy and Jon to look back across the lake at Toronto.

We had a great time with you guys. Looking forward to your wedding at Twist Gallery this summer (what an awesome venue!).


  1. Kelly Gerra

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the engagement photos – you too are sooo sweet together and gorgeous as I expected. I cannot wait to continue sharing in this special time with you this coming weekend and then on your big wedding day. Love you both!!

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