Laura + Brad {Engagement Photography}

When we met Laura and Brad at Pinestone Resort last winter, conversation came easily — time flew by as we chatted about their dog, their wedding, the outdoors, photography, and travel at vintage vinyl night hosted at the Pinestone bar. A few weeks ago, we met up with Laura and Brad for some hiking on the Bruce Trail in Acton with their adorable dog, Darby. We’ve said it before, but we really mean it, it’s so important that our couples pick meaningful locations and activities for their engagement shoots. Despite some nerves beforehand at being in front of our cameras, comfortable in one of their favorite places doing something that they enjoy doing together, Laura and Brad relaxed almost immediately and let us capture them as they are together.

Love, love, loved Laura’s yellow rain boots for the wet trail.

Brad couldn’t resist making Laura laugh. Perhaps not conventionally super romantic, but the unexpected wet willy was hilarious!

Darby wanted in on the love and tried to claim his spot with Laura and Brad on the blanket…

Laura made these cute props for the shoot.

A little behind the scenes scoop on Darby. As you can see, he’s pretty in love with Laura and Brad. And he likes to play. No sooner did Laura and Brad put the letters and heart down, Darby thought it was time for him to hold the heart, in his mouth. Chewing and slobbering *all* over it. No, Darby!!! Ah well. You get lemons, make lemonade. We learned that we could use the heart as a stand in for a treat to get Darby to sit or stay (see Brad’s right hand).

The stand of poplars suited a vintage feel…

Go team!

Darby, you’re going to make an excellent ring dog at the wedding!

We’re really looking forward to spending more time with you guys and meeting your family and friends at your wedding next weekend at Pinestone!

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